KiD CuDi – Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon

Just 10 months after dropping his final GOOD Music album Indicud, Cleveland recording artist KiD CuDi is now returning by dropping his 4th full-length album out of nowhere. The song “Going to the Ceremony” sounds like an old leftover from WZRD’s self-titled album in every aspect & while I like the message as well as the symphonic production on the title track, CuDi’s vocal delivery on this song is kind of a turn off for me. The next song “Copernicus Landing” has a decent beat, but I absolutely cannot stand how he repeats “uh” for the song’s 4 & a half minute runtime. I mean at first I thought he was just warming me up for the actual song but after a while, it really began to get on my nerves. The song “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You” is a long yet awesome throwback to CuDi’s Man on the Moon days from the spacey production to even his delivery & flow. The song “Internal Bleeding” has a dreamy beat & CuDi’s lyrics about haunting those who fuck with him are definitely cool but once again, his vocals kinda bore me after a while. The closer “Troubled Boy” has some nice acoustic guitar passages throughout & I actually like how soft CuDi’s vocals are on here, but the songwriting doesn’t really progress that much at all. As much as I respect KiD CuDi, I didn’t really care for this album. The main reason being so is because while his first 2 albums sounded focused & Indicud had some skippable tracks on there, I thought this one felt rushed

Score: 2/5

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