Lil Dicky – “Professional Rapper” review

Lil Dicky is a 28 year old rapper from Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania & this is his first full-length album. He was featured as a part of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class a couple months ago & while it’s great for him seeing success, I can’t seem to get into this album or even Dicky himself. The title track features Dicky being interviewed by Snoop Dogg & the execution of it was pretty cool. The Antagonist & The Antagonist Pt. II are both decent tracks about Dicky confronting his alter ego David Burd (which is his full name by the way) & I say they’re both decent because there are others who’ve pulled this type of thing off much better like on Redman Meets Reggie Noble off of Redman’s classic debut Whut¿ Thee Album for example. The 10 minute closer Truman sees Dicky comparing his life to The Truman Show over a soulful beat & this is probably the most ambitious track on the whole album. For highlights, that’s pretty much it. Everything else is almost 90 minutes of filtered, corny comic raps over mostly boring beats. I mean I don’t mind humor being incorporated into music but my biggest issue with Lil Dicky & this album in general is that I don’t take either one of them seriously. At all

Score: 1/5

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