Lil Wayne – “I Am Not a Human Being II” review

Released 2 years after his previous album Tha Carter IV, former Hot Boy$ member Lil Wayne is back with his 10th full-length album & it’s a sequel to his 8th album I Am Not a Human Being. The album kicks off with “IANAHB”, which features beautiful piano playing from the song’s producer Eric Lewis & I really like Wayne’s flow throughout even though I could care less for the lyrics. The track “Trippy” is a typical drug track & he even got founding 3 6 Mafia member Juicy J to supply him with a head-bobbing beat & even a verse at the end. The track “God Bless Amerika” sees him talking about the bullshit going on in our country & the beat on here kinda fits the vibe. I also really like “My Homies Still” because that song sonically gets me into an energetic mood, admittedly. Aside from those 3 tracks, I honestly can’t think of anything else interesting to point out about this album. Not only is the production weak, but every other song is about sex & the punchlines he brings to the table are so corny that after a while, it’ll bore you to tears. Examples of this include the album’s 2nd single “Bitches Love Me” & the unbelievably atrocious “Romance”. Personally, Lil Wayne isn’t as bad of a spitter as a lot of hip hop heads make him out to be but I find it to be extremely upsetting that he went from making a classic with Tha Carter III (which I still consider to be his best work to date) to making almost completely unbearable albums like Rebirth & this

Score: 1/5

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