Masta Killa – “Selling My Soul” review

After 6 long years, Masta Killa of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan is finally back with his 3rd full-length album & it actually happens to be a prelude to his next album Loyalty is Royalty. The intro is a heartfelt dedication to Jamel Irief’s group & I also like the uplifting atmosphere throughout Mathematics’ production on this song. The track “R U Listening?” has a beautifully soulful beat from fellow Wu member Inspectah Deck & lyrically, Masta Killa’s talking about how he’s more of a writer than a rapper & he does it so charismatically & confidently. The track “Things Just Ain’t the Same” has another soulful beat (this time provided by P.F. Cuttin’ of Blahzay Blahzay) & I really love how Jamel spends the first verse on here reflecting on 90’s hip hop. On the track “Cali Sun”, Masta Killa & Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound are paying tribute to the state of California & when I hear the production on this joint, I can just imagine myself cruising down Cali on a sunny day. On the track “Food”, Jamel is basically telling us his music is food for our minds & 9th Wonder’s production on here is mellow as Hell. The track “Divine Glory” is a love song & surprisingly, Masta Killa’s taking a whack at producing on here & the heavy sampling of “Secret Lover” by Blue Magic on here was actually a pretty nice touch in my opinion. On the penultimate song “All Natural”, Jamel is telling us how organic the wisdom he’s dropping is & Mathematics’ production on here makes me wanna kick back. The final song “Dirty Soul” is said to be a tribute to fallen Wu member Ol’ Dirty Bastard & while that does sound cool, what makes it truly disappointing for me is the fact that the only verse we get from it is when Masta Killa literally recites the entire first verse from “Hippa to da Hoppa” off of Dirt’s classic solo debut Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version about halfway through the song’s 5 minute runtime. While some might be disappointed that this isn’t Loyalty is Royalty, I personally think Jamel Irief came through with a solid appetizer for it. The beats are mostly smooth & I really like how they fit Masta Killa’s always relaxed flow like a glove

Score: 3.5/5

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