Megadeth – “Super Collider” review

With their 14th full-length album as well their 1st under frontman Dave Mustaine’s newly founded Universal Music Group imprint Tradecraft, legendary thrash metal band Megadeth get together to make what is without a bit of doubt their worst album. Dave’s vocals are TEDIOUS as is his songwriting & instrumentally, it’s less thrashy throughout with the exception of the opening track Kingmaker. Take the tracks Burn! & the cover of Cold Sweat by Thin Lizzy at the end as examples: one of these tracks is painfully boring throughout while the other one is extremely cheesy & unnecessary. I will give it to the band for Kingmaker’s throwback vibe throughout as well as the passionately expressed concept on Forget to Remember but the album is mainly history truly repeating itself & I say history’s repeating itself because in the 90’s, the band went from Rust in Peace to Risk & today it’s like they went from The System Has Failed to this. I’m not trying to be extremely harsh or anything like that, but I just think this is very upsetting

Score: 1/5

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