Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon – “Wu-Massacre” review

After all having new albums being released the year before (one of the 3 being a solid follow-up to Blackout! & the other being a near perfect follow-up to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…), Wu-Tang Clan members Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon are now surprising us with a 1-off collaborative album. The album starts off with “Criminology 2.5” & it actually happens to be “Criminology 2” (an outtake from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, Pt. II) with the exception of Rae’s verse being removed as well as reusing Ghost’s verse from “The Badlands” (a track that actually did make it onto O4CL2) & a new verse from Method Man near the end. The track “Meth vs. Chef 2” is a sequel to the track “‘Meth vs. Chef” off of Method Man’s classic solo debut Tical & in contrast to Meth & Raekwon just delivering 1 verse each over an eerie ass beat from the Clan’s de facto leader RZA like with it’s predecessor, here they’re going back & forth with each other over a gladiator battle sounding beat from Wu-Elements member Mathematics. The next song “Smooth Sailing” sees Ghost & Meth spitting over a flawless Bunny Sigler sample, but it’s really the closing verse from the group’s closest Killa Bee Streetlife that really steals the show for me. He pretty much shouts out every single member of the Wu, but the way he does it is PERFECT! The track “Our Dreams” is a ladies jam & not only is this one of the only 3 tracks on the entire album to have all 3 MCs spitting together, but this is also the only track on the album to be produced by the RZA & he certainly brings a laid-back beat to the table complete with a dope sample of “We’re Almost There” by Michael Jackson. The track “Dangerous” sees the 3 MCs all getting together again to spit some aggressive street shit & while I don’t think Mathematics’ production on here is bad at all, I kinda thought it could’ve been a lot more sinister sounding. The track “Pimpin’ Chipp” is a Ghost solo track & he’s pretty much spitting pimp shit over a beat that sounds like something I’d hear in a blaxploitation film. The track “Miranda” is the final track to see all 3 MCs spitting together & they’re all giving their own individual takes on the titular character over some solid piano chords & a beautiful soul sample. Despite being a half-hour long as well as the fact that Raekwon only appearing on 4 of the album’s 10 songs, this is still worth checking out if you’re a huge Wu fan like myself. Sure the production could’ve been a little bit better on a small handful of tracks, but I definitely think the chemistry is here

Score: 3.5/5

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