Method Man – “The Meth Lab” review

9 years after his underrated 4th album 4:21…The Day After, Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man is back with his 5th full-length album & it actually feels like more of an awful mixtape from the mostly weak production to almost every track being cluttered with almost one God awful guest appearance after another. Despite all of these flaws, the only tracks I thoroughly enjoyed were the smoothly produced “2 Minutes of Your Time” (which is the only track on the entire project that doesn’t have a guest appearance), the abrasive lead single “The Purple Tape” & the rawly delivered “Intelligent Meth”. To me, these 3 tracks are the most cohesive on the entire project. The rest of tracks either have moments that could’ve made the track good overall (Killarmy member Killa Sin’s verse at the end of Symphony”) or are completely intolerable (“Water”). The Wu will always be my all-time favorite hip hop group & I was really hoping for Meth to make a strong comeback, but I feel like there’s an abundance of filler on here. It’s really sad too, because I personally think he still has it in him

Score: 1/5

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