Pharrell – “G I R L” review

Released 8 years after his criminally slept-on solo debut In My Mind, Pharrell makes a comeback with another solid solo effort. It’s not as good as In My Mind, but it’s still solid release. The lyrics are pretty much have a feminist concept & the beats are pretty much pop-ish. The album opens with the track Marilyn Monroe, which is an ode to all the pretty women out there. The orchestration brought by Hans Zimmer is actually really pretty & the bass bumps. The track Happy (the most well known song on here), is an anthem about happiness with a neo-soul vibe to it. My favorite track would have to be Lost Queen / Freq, because the vocals are beautifully sung & the beat (especially when Freq starts) is purely eargasmic. The album closes with It Girl, which is fitting because the lyrics deal with admiring a girl one last time. You can hear an ATCQ influence on here, but I mean that in a good way. Plus the instrumental outro of this song sounds like something I would hear in an N*E*R*D track & that makes me want an N*E*R*D album even more, considering that N*E*R*D’s my favorite band ever. Just like In My Mind, there’s only 1 track on here that I would do without & for this album it would be Come Get It Bae. The beat’s funky as Hell, but it sounds kinda like Blurred Lines (which I didn’t really care for). Overall, this is a solid comeback but it’s not as incredible as his last effort

Score: 3.5/5

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