Slayer – “Repentless” review

6 years have passed since the greatest thrash metal band of all-time Slayer released their 11th album World Painted Blood under American Recordings but with a new label (Nuclear Blast) & a new line-up (drummer Dave Lombardo was fired in Early February of 2013 & guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed away due to alcohol induced liver failure just 3 months after. Both are replaced with returning member Paul Bostaph on drums & Exodus guitarist Gary Holt assisting original member Kerry King with guitars), here they are trying to make a comeback. The album starts off with a 2 minute instrumental track “Delusions of the Saviour”, which is a great way to start off the album because it sonically sounds like they’re about to make a big entrance. The title track has an insane riff, explosive drumming & a menacing vocal delivery from Tom Araya but the songwriting is just ok. The track “Vices” has a dope message with semi-decent instrumentation, but the hook is complete shit. The track “Chasing Death” is an interesting track alcoholism addiction, considering that Jeff Hanneman’s death was actually caused by alcohol addiction. Not only that, but I thought it was a great way to channel their feelings about losing Jeff into that whole entire song. The track “Implode” sonically sounds like vintage old school Slayer in every aspect & the track “Piano Wire” was actually the only track on here to be written by Jeff Hanneman. While Hanneman never got the chance to finish it, it was generous of the band to use it on their first post-Hanneman album & they actually pulled it off well. Especially with the guitar solo about halfway through is absolutely KILLER! As a whole, the 1st Slayer album of the current decade isn’t all that great but it’s not bad either

Score: 3/5

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