Slipknot – “.5: The Gray Chapter” review

With the death of one of it’s co-founders Paul Gray in 2010 as well the firing of longtime drummer Joey Jordison just the year before, famed Des Moines metal band Slipknot is trying to overcome these significant losses with their 5th full-length album. The album starts off with “XIX”, where we get some funeral-esque bagpipes throughout & frontman Corey Taylor is sincerely detailing how depressed Paul’s death has left him & the rest of the band. The next track “Sarcastrophe” sees Corey (angry as fuck) screaming about being an outcast & to me, the drumming on here makes it sound kinda like a thrash metal track which I actually find to be pretty fitting. “The Devil in I” sees Corey melodically detailing his inner demons & the riffs on here are absolutely killer. The track “Killpop” is essentially Corey personifying the music industry as a love interest & while I will give props to the band for that, it could’ve been executed MUCH better in my opinion. “The Negative 1” is reminiscent to the band’s classic self-titled debut back in 1999 as well as their 2001 magnum opus Iowa in every aspect & I thought that was pretty refreshing since the band’s previous 2 albums were pretty much the Slipknot I know & love. Honestly, I really think the band were able to rise above their 2 significant losses & give us their best album since Iowa. I really love how they went back to their nu metal roots & while their 3rd album Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) isn’t one of their best releases in my opinion, I still think it was pretty cool to hear some of the melodies from that album being mixed in with their original sound. If any of you loved Slipknot first 2 albums as much as I do & you wanna see them return to form, I think this is the closest thing we’re gonna get to that for right now

Score: 4/5

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