Snoop Dogg – “COOLAID” review

After spending 2013 dropping both an underrated reggae album under an alter ego & a g-funk album with DāM-FunK under the name 7 Days of Funk as well as dropping a synth funk album with The Neptunes under his own name last year, Long Beach veteran Snoop Dogg is giving us his 1st hip hop album since 2011’s Doggumentary. The album starts off with the track “Legend” where Snoop reminds us about his impact in the game which is nice, but I personally find the beat on here to be generic. The track “Super Crip” has a nice menacing beat from Just Blaze & he talks about Crip shit, although my biggest complaint about this track is that I feel like he’s talked about this topic better in the past & the hook is a rehash of the classic track he did with his mentor Dr. Dre just 24 years ago “Deep Cover”. The track “My Carz” sees Snoop getting braggadocious about his whips over the exact same instrumental that was used on the track “Trucks” off of the latest posthumous J Dilla album The Diary. The track “2 or More” sees Snoop taking a whack at producing & the whole thing sounds like a solid throwback to his old days with the P-Funk sounding production he provides to the lyrics throughout. The album’s lead single “Kush Ups” (great title by the way) sees Snoop & none other than Pittsburgh’s very own Wiz Khalifa unsurprisingly talking about weed & the beat on this shit makes me wanna party. The track “Side Piece” is a story about Snoop’s night with this chick & the piano production brought to us by Swizz Beatz sets the vibe of the track perfectly. The album closes out with “Revolution” which has a nice nod to the classic Gil Scott-Heron track “The Revolution Will Not be Televised” in the hook, a very triumphant beat & Snoop even sounds pissed as Hell as he’s delivering rhymes about retaliating to police. I find this subject to be ironic because he & The Game made a peace march to the LAPD HQ a week after the album’s release but simultaneously, I feel like it has a purpose because of all the recent bullshit. I know some hate on this album & I know he’ll never make another album as good as Doggystyle or even Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, but I do find this to be a solid return to form for Snoop mainly because of Snoop’s technicality on these tracks. However, I feel like it could’ve been a lot more better if it had a shorter number of tracks or if a small handful of tracks on here had better production

Score: 3.5/5

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