Tech N9ne – “Boiling Point” review

Only 6 weeks after releasing his 4th EP E.B.A.H. (Evil Brain Angel Heart), Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is now giving the fans his final EP of 2012 just the day before Halloween & he has enlisted 7 to entirely produce it. The EP begins with “URALYA”, where Tech is menacingly going off on the music industry over a rap metal beat. The next song “Fire in AC” with Krizz Kaliko & Smackola is a diss track towards James Holmes to my surprise & it’s actually pretty entertaining. The song “Should I Killer?” sees Tech contemplating murdering a woman he just impregnated & while I enjoy the ominous production, the topic just didn’t really interest me. The penultimate song “Heavy” vents about all the problems in Tech’s life & the piano keys & guitars I hear throughout the song sonically gives Tech’s confessional bars an evil atmosphere. The closing track “Alone” talks about feeling lonely & the production enhances the depression that Tech’s expressing. Throughout this EP, I love the dark vibes it gives off but I feel like some of the features on here could’ve been left off

Score: 3.5/5

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