Tech N9ne – “E.B.A.H. (Evil Brain Angel Heart)” review

6 months have passed since Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne released his 3rd EP Klusterfuk but now, he’s releasing his 2nd EP of 2012 & he has enlisted 7 to produce all but 2 tracks on it. The first song is the title track, which talks about having negative thoughts & a big heart over an energetic beat. The next song “Earregular” has an ominous beat & lyrically, it’s a message to all of Tech’s new listeners out there. The next song “Don’t Tweet This” has an abrasive beat & the whole concept of Tech not wanting anyone to make posts of him partying on Twitter is pretty understandable. The song “Rock Yo Head” by the 816 Boyz has a decent hook & I love how all 4 members of the group trade lines back & forth with each other throughout, but the Auto-Tuned hook on here is just so awful. The next 2 songs “Boy Toy” & “K.J.O.M.D. (Kinda Jealous Of My Dick) have decent beats, but the content on both songs are just unbelievably underwhelming. The final song “A Real 1” with JL definitely makes up for it, mainly because of the chemistry between the 2 MCs. The whole “keeping it real” vibe throughout the song is nice as well. While it’s not as consistent as his last EP was, this is still a solid EP overall

Score: 3.5/5

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