Tech N9ne – “K.o.D. (King of Darkness)” review

After releasing his 2nd Collabos album/8th album overall Sickology 101: The Study of Being Sick 6 months prior, Kansas City MC Tech N9ne is back with his 2nd album in 1 year. I mean he’s been putting in hard work by releasing an album every single year since his comeback album Everready [The Religion] came out back in November of 2006, but for him to drop 2 albums in the same year really is a treat for us fans. Let’s get back to the actual music on here, though. This is some of if not THE darkest material Tecca Nina has EVER put out on wax. You can truly hear the pain Tech was experiencing through his lyrics & delivery and I also like how the production gives Tech’s dark lyricism a nearly perfect scary atmosphere. Examples include the opening track “Show Me a God”, the 3 6 Mafia featured “Demons”, “Blackened the Sun”, King Gordy’s highly controversial verse on “Horns”, “Shadows on the Road”, “Killing You”, Leave Me Alone which is more of an upbeat track but I still consider it to be a highlight nonetheless, the title track & one of the 2 bonus tracks “Like I Died”. I’ve always heard some people call Tech corny & they pinpoint this album to being a prime example but to me, Tech has always kept it real. Like he took his deep sadness & anger that he was feeling around this time period & channeled it near perfectly onto this album. Another reason why I love this album is because when I first stumbled across this during my senior year of high school a couple years ago, I could actually relate to some of the songs in here because my senior year of high school was one of the darkest time periods of my life (not gonna get too deep into it though). And when you’re listening to someone who appears to be going through shit that’s equally or even worse as the shit you’re going through, it makes you feel like you’re not alone & to me that’s what makes this one of Tech’s best albums

Score: 4.5/5

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