Tech N9ne – “Strangeulation 2” review

Only 6 months after releasing his 15th album Special Effects, Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is now hitting us with his 6th Collabos album & it’s a sequel to his previous Collabos album Strangeulation. Just like the predecessor, he has enlisted every single artist signed to his Strange Music label to be featured on it (including their newest signees JL, Mackenzie Nicole & Darrein Safron) as well as the label’s in-house producer 7 to produce every single song on it. The deluxe edition kicks off with “Praise K.O.D. (King Of Darkness)”, where Tech mainly talks about the death of his mother over an eerie beat. The next track “Strangeulation 2 Cypher I” is basically Tech freestyling “Wavy” by the CES Cru & just like the last Collabos album, there’s a cypher split up into 5 parts to serve as an intro into each album. However, this is a new cypher reusing old 7 beats that had been previously used on Strange albums over the years. The song “M.M.M. (Michael Myers Mask)” talks about murdering people lyrically & the beat has this spooky twinkling throughout. The song “We Just Wanna Party” with Rittz & Darrein Safron is pretty self-explanatory & not only do I dislike the generic trap beat on here but just like with the Stevie Stone tracks “Boo Thing” & “Fall in Love With It”, we have Darrein Safron blatantly sounding like a Chris Brown ripoff. The song “Real with Yourself” is mostly performed by Darrein & while the concept about song him trying to seduce a woman who’s in a relationship with another man (Tech N9ne) is solid, it sounds like some shit I’d hear on the radio. The song “Torrid” vents about Tech feeling trapped in his own Hell & sharing his struggles with the listener over a somber beat. The closing track “Strange (Outro)” starts off with the signature Strange Music tagline, but then we are treated to a grimy beat & a short but deadly verse from JL. While I prefer it’s predecessor a lot more, I’d say this sequel is once again strictly for the Strange fans
Score: 3/5

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