Tech N9ne – “Strangeulation” review

Just 6 months after dropping his 6th EP Therapy, Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is returning with his 5th Collabos album & he has enlisted every single artist signed to his Strange Music label to be featured on it as well as the label’s in-house producer 7 to produce every single song with the exception of the 1st bonus track. The album kicks off with “Strangeulation I”, which is pretty much Tech’s verse from the Strange Cypher. Keep in mind, the Strange Cypher is chopped up into 4 different parts on here & each chopped up part serves as an intro to each part of the album. The song “Over It” talks about how Tech’s talents will take over the industry over a menacing beat. The song “Which One” with MURS & Godemis of the CES Cru talks about all 3 of the MC’s personalities & the production on here is pretty hard. The song “Fear” has a beat with a gloomy atmosphere & Tech’s personally expressing his 3 biggest fears in each verse: “layin’ & ready for decayin'”, being a stranger to his now deceased mother & God not being real. The song “Na Na” with Stevie Stone & Rittz is about sex, but the way they do it on here is just lame. The song “The Calling” has these nice acoustic guitar passages throughout & the way Tecca Nina tackles alcoholism on here to me is really personal. The first bonus track “Sut Mig” has another guitar passage throughout albeit tuned down & it’s pretty much a “fuck you” to all of Tech’s haters out there. While I will say that there are some strong cuts on here, I’d say this is strictly more for the Strange fans rather than those who’re new to Tech N9ne.

Score: 3.5/5

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