Tech N9ne – “The Lost Scripts of K.o.D. (King of Darkness)” review

For his very 1st EP, Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is delivering 5 outtakes from his 9th album K.O.D. (King Of Darkness). The opening track is a remix of the song “Like I Said” off of K.O.D. (King Of Darkness) & as much as I personally enjoy the original, this was just ok. The next song “Stress Relief” has a war inducing beat & lyrically, Tech’s talking about “flipping out in order to relieve stress”. The following song “00N9NA” has a catchy beat & if you couldn’t tell by the title, Tecca Nina is channeling his inner James Bond on this joint. The penultimate song “Pain Killer” sees Tech contemplating suicide over a gloomy beat & while I find it to be solid sonically, I know quite a few people who call Tech corny & I can totally just see them pinpointing this song as an example. The closing track “Last Sad Song” has an upbeat instrumental & Tech is basically talking about wanting to think positive. While this is far from being as near perfect as K.O.D. (King Of Darkness), a vast majority of these outtakes are pretty enjoyable

Score: 3.5/5

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