Tech N9ne – “The Storm” review

With the 18 year anniversary of his debut The Calm Before the Storm being a month ago, renown Kansas City MC & Strange Music founder Tech N9ne is delivering his 17th full-length album & it actually happens to be a sequel to his debut. The opening track “Godspeed” has an eerie beat from Strange’s in-house producer 7 & Tech is pretty much talking about how he can’t be stopped. There’s also a bridge right before the 1st verse that makes fun of rappers like Desiigner & even though I’m all for that, Hopsin did it a lot better a year & a half ago with the “No Words” track off his last album Pound Syndrome. The cleverly titled “Sriracha” with Logic & Joyner Lucas sees the 3 spitters bragging about their rapping skills & while I do enjoy the chopper style delivery that Tech is known for, there’s a line near the end of his verse about studying “Chrislam” that’s painfully weak. If you couldn’t tell by the title of the next song “WiFi (WeeFee)”, Tech N9ne’s interestingly comparing himself to Wi-Fi but there’s these plain drums throughout the instrumental that happen to be it’s only characteristic. The hook is HILARIOUSLY bad, too. The song “Starting to Turn” talks about this chick driving Tech insane over a nu metal instrumental kin of that Therapy EP he did with Ross Robinson a few years back & we even hear KoЯn frontman Jonathan Davis on the hook. To me, it sounds a bit of a rehash of the track “Wither” with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor off of Tech’s last non-Collabos album Special Effects. The song “Poisoning the Well” discusses the current state of the music industry over some country-esque guitar picking as well as some trap drums. The song “Buddha” is a weed anthem & not only is the beat on here semi-smooth, but it was cool to hear Boyz II Men on the hook of this joint. Even though I can totally understand what Tech means as he talks about wanting to escaping the cons of fame on the song “Anywhere”, the production from D12 member mR. pOrTeR on this song is disappointedly average. The standard edition closer “The Needle” sees Tech reflecting on his career & it sonically has this victorious vibe throughout. Even though the deluxe version has 3 more tracks than the standard edition, there’s also a bonus disc wth 12 tracks & I’m not even gonna get too deep into them because half of them sound like singles from upcoming projects from those such as former Living Legends member MURS & even Mackenzie Nicole (who happens to be the daughter of Tech’s business partner/Strange Music co-founder Travis O’Guin). I don’t think it’s as good as Special Effects, but I still find this to be a solid album overall. Just goes to show Tech’s still one hardest working people in all of hip hop
Score: 3.5/5

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