Tech N9ne – “Therapy” review

Only a little over 3 months after releasing his 13th album Something Else, Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is returning with his 6th EP & he has enlisted legendary nu metal producer Ross Robinson to produce all but 1 track. The opening song “Public School” sees Tech reflecting how the school system didn’t teach him anything & the rap metal production from 7 (the in-house producer for Tech’s label Strange Music) is hard hitting. The song “Hiccup” has an abrasive nu metal beat & it fits Tech’s confrontational delivery so well, that it’ll make you wanna start moshing. The next song “Shame on Me” talks about a woman who continues to hurt him & the rap rock production is just decent. The song “When Demons Come” has these haunting acoustic guitars throughout & while the songwriting is solid, Tech N9ne’s singing the entire song from start to finish instead of rapping & his vocals on here don’t really interest me. The penultimate song “I.L.L. (I Like Ladies)” starts off with Tech dedicating the song to all the women out there & then he recalls an encounter with a lesbian at the club. The production is killer too, but the way the hook was executed is HILARIOUSLY bad. The closer “Stop the Sailor” has an epic metal beat & Tech’s talking about some internal conflict he’s having about this girl who wants to have a kid with him. While I admire Tech as well as Ross’ production work, the 2 compliment each other a lot better than I expected throughout this EP. I’m well aware that Tech has shown some metal influences in the past, but for him to show that influence throughout an entire project really worked out

Score: 4/5

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