Tech N9ne – “Welcome to Strangeland” review

On the day of his 40th birthday, Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is celebrating by releasing his 4th Collabos album. The opening track “Stars” is solely Tech talking about the recent success that his label Strange Music has been seeing & the beat Strange’s in-house producer 7 is pretty atmospheric. The song “Unfair” with Krizz Kaliko & the CES Cru vents about how underrated they are & the violins throughout are really cool. The song “Kocky” with Jay Rock & Kutt Calhoun has a thunderous beat & as for the subject matter, need I say more given the title? The song “Who Do I Catch?” is Tech basically saying he’ll never selling out over some keys & some explosive drums. The next song “My Favorite” with Brotha Lynch Hung & Prozak talks about gluttony & drugs over some synths & some more explosive drums. The song “Beautiful Music” talks about making meaningful music & the instrumental on here is MONSTROUS! The next track “Won’t You Come Dirty?” with Stevie Stone & Young Bleed is a sex track which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the Darth Vader breathing sample throughout this track really throws me off guard every time I hear it. The song “The Noose” with ¡MAYDAY! was conceived when Tech did 6 shows overseas for the US troops & it’s very well written, sincerely delivered song. The first bonus track “I Need a Drink” is pretty self explanatory & 7’s production on here is aggressive as Hell! The next bonus track “The Real Thing” has an energetic beat & lyrically, Tech’s talking about his fans, his haters & even keeping it real. It’s funny how Tecca Nina followed up his worst Collabos album The Gates Mixed Plate with his best Collabos album. Not just because both the production AND the features on here are more attention grabbing, but mainly because it’s mostly consistent

Score: 4/5

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