Tyler, The Creator – “Cherry Bomb” review

2 years after his magnum opus Wolf, Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator finally comes out of the shadows to drop his 4th full-length album. The album kicks off with DEATHCAMP, which is a pretty cool throwback to the Spymob version of Lapdance by N*E*R*D. Next up we have my favorite track off of the whole album, BUFFALO, & I say this is my favorite track because I really like the heavily synthesized beat & Tyler’s lyrics are among his best. I like the theme on the track PILOT, but it could’ve been mixed a little better. The track RUN has an interestingly gritty beat, but it would’ve been better if he didn’t change the pitch of his voice. The track FIND YOUR WINGS features a really good message & a beat reminiscent to Roy Ayers (who actually plays vibraphones on here). The track BLOW MY LOAD is a hilariously sexual slow jam & the title track is easily the worst thing Tyler has ever made, mainly because it’s so heavily distorted & horribly mixed that I can’t actually hear what Tyler’s saying. The track THE BROWN STAINS OF DARKEESE LATIFAH (hilarious title by the way) features a really headbanging beat & aggressively delivered verses from Tyler as well as Black Hippy member ScHoolboy Q. I actually think FUCKING YOUNG / PERFECT is subliminally dissing Tyga for dating Kylie Jenner at the time but it was executed really well. Kali Uchis’ vocals on PERFECT remind me of Erykah Badu for some reason but I like it for that. Not saying she’s as good as Erykah, but I find the Erykah influence in Kali’s voice to be very amusing. The track SMUCKERS features a really jazzy beat, a decent Kanye verse & arguably the most enjoyable Lil Wayne verse I’ve listened to in several years! The track KEEP DA O’S is a decent braggadocious track while OKAGA, CA is an ambitious way to close out the album. Overall, this is a solid album but it really could’ve been a lot better if the mixing wasn’t so bad.

Score: 3/5

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