Wu-Tang Clan – “A Better Tomorrow” review

A lot of people hate on this album, but it’s actually ok. The rhymes are good for the most part, but the production kinda brings it down. The album opens up with Ruckus in B Minor, a semi-sequel to Bring da Ruckus. Throughout the whole track, every member (even ODB) appear to tell you that they’re “still #1”. On Felt, they describe how they feel about certain things from the impact of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) to Cappa being incarcerated while the group was blowing up. Both the guitar riff & the piano chords on here are beautifully played on here. On Crushed Egos, Raekwon gets to shine on his own about how the group still can’t be fucked with. The bridge near the end (provided by RZA) makes me want to break shit, lol. The track Miracle is arguably the most polarizing track the group has ever made, and I totally understand because the hook sounds like something leftover from the Frozen soundtrack. However, the verses are solid for the most part. My favorite track would be Pioneer the Frontier, because everything about this track (especially the beat alone) sounds like it was made in ’94. Although I liked the vibes the lyrics bring on the title track and Wu-Tang Reunion, the production on both tracks were half-assed because all we hear is the instrumentals to Wake Up Everybody and Family Reunion respectively. Overall, it’s not garbage but it’s nowhere near the classic level that the group’s first 2 albums are on. If this is the last group album we’ll ever get from these guys, I’d be happy with it but I wish it was a little better

Score: 2.5/5

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