La the Darkman – “Heist of the Century” review

La the Darkman is a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate & this is his only album to date. The song “City Lights” is a vivid story about a man who ends up being killed due to his criminal ways over a haunting beat from Havoc. The title track with Killa Sin sees them robbing the government & I really love how they trade back & forth with each other throughout & the keyboard sample DJ Muggs uses is so on point. Despite the 4th Disciple produced “5th Disciple” having a beat that is VERY similar to the Wu’s debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) & La flowing really well over it, it’s only a minute long. The track “Spring Water” with Raekwon has a kinda funky beat & the 2 compliment each other just as well as La & Sin did on the title track. The soul sample hook on here is really awesome, too. The song “Figaro Chain” is another Havoc produced-joint but this time, we’re getting a short verse from him at the beginning of the track. The track “Polluted Wisdom” is a story about a woman named Gina & while it’s the only track on the entire album to be entirely produced by the Wu-Tang Clan’s de facto leader RZA, it does not disappoint. Especially with the strings. The track “Element of Surprise” with Masta Killa & U-God vividly talks about 3 different people who individually end up being sentenced to prison, murdered & being spared. The production has a dramatic vibe to it & it fits the 3 stories really well. The track “Wu-Blood Kin” with 12 O’Clock has a hard hitting beat & while I really love how aggressive 12 O’Clock sounds on here as well as the hook from Ghostface Killah, I kinda wish Ghost would’ve added a 3rd verse on here. To be honest, this is one of my favorite albums to ever come from a Wu-Tang affiliate. Despite it being a little too long, the production is banging & La sound hungry as Hell on here

Score: 4/5

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