Lil Pump – Self-titled review

Lil Pump is a 17 year old rapper from Miami, Florida & this is his full-length debut. The opener “What U Sayin?’” sees & Smokepurrp are rapping about “flexin’ everyday” over a piano-trap beat, but it’s just really dumb. The next track “Gucci Gang” is basically about him now flying a private jet while you’re still living on rent over a dreary trap instrumental & the hook is even more tedious. The song “Smoke My Dope with Smokepurrp has an abrasive beat & while it wasn’t bad to hear the 2 rappers changing bars back & forth, the content about getting high while simultaneously getting head doesn’t do it much justice at all. The track “Crazy” is about going wild at the club & the instrumental definitely gives off that vibe, but Lil Pump’s delivery is absolutely obnoxious from start to finish.

The song “Back” redundantly gets braggadocious about wealth but to be quite honest, the delivery of Lil Yachty’s guest verse was actually ok. Can’t say the same for his lyrics, though. The track “D Rose” is pretty much about having expensive watches on his wrist over a lumbering bass heavy trap beat, but it sounds underwritten. The song “At the Door” raps about serving you drugs & doing gangsta shit like having sex with a woman & shootin’ her dad afterwards over an Atari-ish trap instrumental. However just like the last track, it sounds underwritten. The track “Youngest Flexer” speaks for itself, but the only highlights of it is the explosive instrumental & the Gucci Mane verse. The song “Foreign” has a bass-heavy instrumental that isn’t to bad, but the content about having both cars & girls from other countries sounds so derivative. The track “Whitney” is about (you guessed it) cocaine & while the Chief Keef verse was surprisingly ok to me, Lil Pump’s pretty much repeating himself throughout the whole thing.

The song “Molly” is about (you guessed it again) ecstasy over a bland instrumental & while the beat on the track after that “Iced Out” gets kinda annoying after a while, the 2 Chainz verse was ok. The song “Boss” generically talks about being just that, but the beat here is actually pretty hard. The penultimate track “Flex Like Oou” is basically Pump repeating himself once again with lyrics about moving bricks & going all out in the club, but it seems unfinished. The nightmare finally ends with “Pinky Ring”, where Pump & Smokepurrp get with Rick Ross to talk some boss shit over a chaotic instrumental, but Ross is really the only one out of the 3 who sounds alive.

I know Lil Pump is just a 17 year old kid, but I’m not gonna lie when I say that this was VERY hard to sit through. The features were decent as were some of the beats, but it’s really Lil Pump who makes this album fall flat on it’s face. The song structures are just copied & pasted to the point of annoyance, the lyrics are derivative & his delivery/flow doesn’t get me excited whatsoever. And before any “real hip hop” head calls me a hypocrite because I didn’t like this yet I find Travi$ Scott’s debut Rodeo to be a modern classic along with me reviewing both Gucci‘s latest mixtape Droptopwop & 2 Chainz’ latest album Pretty Girls 👍 TRΛP MUSIC very positively over the summer, at least those projects have charisma & some versatility that made them very listenable. This is just straight up mindless

Score: 0.5/5

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