Yelawolf – “Psycho White” review


Almost a year after the release of his major label debut Radioctive: Amazing & Mystifying Chemical Tricks, Alabama rapper & Shady Records signee Yelawolf is now releasing his 3rd EP & he has enlisted legendary blink-182 drummer Travis Barker to produce it in it’s entirety. The EP opens with “Push ‘Em”, where Catfish Billy is energetically rapping about getting crazy over some super fast drums to give you that feeling. The next track “6 Feet Underground” talks about brawling, but the instrumental has a weird reggae feeling to it that doesn’t match the gritty descriptions & the Tim Armstrong hook doesn’t add much to the equation other than the shouts. The song “Funky Shit” picks back up as Yelawolf’s rapid delivery is fantastic, but the electronic-tinged instrumental was just ok. The penultimate track “Whistle Dixie” has some crazy rhyme schemes over some drums that’re going off like machine guns & the whistling during the hook fits in perfectly as do the eerie bells. The closer “Director’s Cut (Michael Myers & Superman)” kinda reminds me of the song “Kim” by Yelawolf’s mentor Eminem, as it vividly describes Catfish Billy murdering his girlfriend & the man she’s cheating on him with over a haunting rap rock instrumental. However, it works very well. While that Slumdon Bridge EP that Yelawolf did with Ed Sheeran several months prior was just ok, this was much better. Primarily because I see an actual chemistry between Yelawolf’s rapping & Travis Barker’s production aside from a couple duds. Hopefully we’ll get a follow-up at some point in the future

Score: 3.5/5

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