Miguel – “War & Leisure” review

As the final month of 2017 begins, Miguel is delivering his 4th full-length album following up his last 2 modern classics Kaleidoscope Dream & Wildheart. The album opens with “Criminal”, where he & Rick Ross compare their love to just that over a wavy yet smooth instrumental. However, there are a handful of cringey lines on there. Especially the ones about Columbine & Duck Duck Goose near the end of the first verse as well as the one about 9/11 at the start of the second verse. The next song “Pineapple Skies” sees Miggy telling his lover everything will be ok over a spacey instrumental while “Sky Walker” with Travi$ Scott cleverly inserts many pop culture references as they brush off their haters over a druggy beat. The song “Banana Clip” talks about protecting this woman in a war on love over a funky instrumental & the song “Wolf” compares himself to just that over a guitar & explosive drums. The song “Harem” encourages this woman to follow him to see the world in a new way over a mellow instrumental & then the track “Told You So” talks about setting his lover free over an instrumental kin to Michael Jackson’s output during the 80’s.

The “City of Angels” is a vividly told story of Los Angeles fictionally getting destroyed & Miguel expressing his remorse of cheating on his girlfriend prior to her getting killed in the bombing over a down-tuned guitar. The track “Caramelo Duro” (“Hard Candy” in Spanish) is Miggy’s first predominantly Spanish song, but he does it fantastically over this funky beat. The song “Come Through & Chill” is pretty self-explanatory, as both Miguel & J. Cole encourage their ladies to swing by their cribs to have sex all night over a tropical instrumental. The track “Anointed” is pretty much Miguel telling his woman that she makes him feel like a God over some bass & then the album then finishes off with “Now”,’ where he gives his take on the world today over a twangy guitar.

Overall, Miguel has come through with his 3rd consecutive classic. The production is just as slick as before as are Miguel’s beautiful vocals & while the lyrics are still romantic, they’re also his most political yet.

Score: 4.5/5

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