Cardi B – “Invasion of Privacy” review

Cardi B is a 25 year old rapper from The Bronx who actually started out as a stripper & then a cast member of Love & Hip Hop. She’s been making quite a bit of buzz over the past year with a few high charting singles & now she’s putting out her full-length debut.

The album begins with “Get Up 10,” which is a complete ripoff of the intro from Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares. The next song “Drip” with Migos sees the 4 getting braggadocious over a weird house/trap infused beat. The song “Bickenhead” is a lame re-imagining of “Chickenhead” by Project Pat. The track “Bodak Yellow” may have a decent instrumental, but it’s pretty much the same song as Kodak Black’s “No Flockin’” down to Cardi’s flow. The song “Be Careful” talks about her fiancé Offset cheating on her recently & I can’t help but think of a futuristic circus whenever I hear the production from Frank Dukes, Boi-1da & Vinylz. The track “Best Life” with Chance the Rapper is actually a pretty decent tune about celebrating where they’re at now while the song “I Like It” is a corny Latin/trap tune about the things she enjoys.

The song “Ring” is of course filled with corny bars about texting her lover & the track “Money Bag” is her telling you she’s a walking wishlist over a futuristic trap beat. The track “Bartier Cardi” is a generic party anthem & the 21 Savage verse does nothing to save it. Especially with the line about putting hot sauce on Cardi B’s breasts. The song “She Bad” with YG talks about how fine she is, but it’s just as annoying as every song here. Especially with the hook. The penultimate track “Thru Your Phone” is of course about Offset again over a spacey trap beat & the closer “I Do” with SZA is about her doing whatever she likes over an eerie trap beat.

As I expected, I didn’t care for this. The production & features are decent for the most part but it’s ruined by her obnoxious delivery, her vapid lyrics, predictability & biting

Score: 1/5

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