Boondox – “Dirty Days of Night” review


Boondox is a 40 year old rapper from Richmond County, Georgia who first came onto the scene in the Early 2000s as Turncoat Dirty. He then changed his moniker after signing to Psychopathic Records from 2005 & remained with them until 2015. Eventually he would sign to Majik Ninja Entertainment in 2016 & is still on the label to this very day. Since about 2012, Boondox has been teasing the idea of making music under his original Turncoat Dirty moniker & he is now finally doing it with his 3rd EP

After the intro, we go into the first song “Frank Castle”. Here, he talks about doing Satan’s bidding over a murky trap beat. The next track “Excuses” is pretty gritty in terms of songwriting & the production, but I don’t like the execution. The song “Desert Evil” gets murderous about over some a trap beat with a somber guitar in the background while the track “The Rage” with Redd sees the 2 talking about fighting over a rap rock instrumental & it’s just ok. The song “Knockin'” is about the devil coming for him over an eerie instrumental & the penultimate track “Unstable” issues warning not to mess with him because of how crazy he is over a thunderous beat. The EP finishes with “Chronicle”, which is a story about murdering someone over an instrumental a gloomy piano instrumental.

Turncoat Dirty’s return has been a long time coming but at the end of the day, I think this is a solid way to hold fans off until Demonic Woods drops later this year. There are a couple mediocre tracks but the horrorcore/gangsta rap lyrics are mostly in your ace & while I didn’t expect him to take on the trap sound on a few tracks at all, the production does enhance the grittiness of these lyrics very well

Score: 7/10

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