Tory Lanez – “DAYLIGHT” review

Tory Lanez is a 28 year old rapper from Toronto, Canada who blew up off his 2015 mixtape The New Toronto. He ended up signing with Interscope Records the following year, releasing a total of 4 albums before departing at the beginning of 2020. But after disappearing off social media for almost 3 months due to him shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot this past summer, Tory is back out of the blue with a surprise album.

The opener “Money Over Fallouts” denies the fact that he shot Megan shooting over a keyboard-inflicted trap beat while the next song “A Woman” is a cringey auto-tune ballad about his heart being cold. The track “Friends Become Strangers” talks about those who turned his back on him over a spacious beat while the song “Sorry But I Had To…” is one of the better cuts on here as he talks about how no one can stop him over a mellow instrumental.

The track “A Poem from Me 2 You” goes a capella to speak on what fame really is about while “The Most High” is another highlight in the tracklisting where Tory gives praise to God over a beat with some triumphant horns. The next 2 tracks “Look How GOD Works” & “Queen & Slim” are both tepid love songs in their own right, but the track “What’s Kulture??” is another enjoyable moment on the album as Tory gets on the conscious side of things over a trap beat with some acoustics.

The song “Solar Drive @ Night” is an unlikeable simp anthem with a decent instrumental while the track “Bittersweet” talks about how he never meant to break this woman’s heart over a trap beat with some menacing piano-leads. The song “Things I Should’ve Said” talks about being fucked up over a woman over a horrid dancehall instrumental while the track “Just Got It Done” ponders about a falling out he had over an lavish beat.

The song “Jokes on Me” melodramatically talks about how he thought this woman would be more faithful to him over a moody instrumental while the song “Care for You” talks about Black children worldwide over another acoustic beat. The penultimate track “In the Air” talks about the fear of African-Americans over a dreary instrumental & then the closer “Life” talks about being newly improved over a beautiful piano instrumental.

Even though Tory has shown how talented he can be on his 5 Fingers of Death freestyle, none of his projects have resonated with me in that same fashion & this new album might be the worst of them all. It just seems as if he’s gaslighting the whole situation with Megan & it’s pretty sad.

Score: 1/5

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