RƎƵIN 47 – “Mental Problemz” review

RƎƵIN 47 is an 18 year old MC/producer from Kansas City, Missouri who got his start in 2017 when he dropped his debut EP 47th Mirrorz. This was followed up last Halloween with the Hypnotic Journey Programming mixtape but as this year, RƎƵ is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary by dropping his 2nd EP.

After the “Mental Advisory” intro, the first song “Erased Memory” talks about murdering any MC who opposes him over a guitar loop while the next track “Error 47” talks about going insane over a chaotic beat. The song “Baptized in Blood” takes you back to the dark side of his head over a frightening boom bap instrumental while the track “Az the World Burnz” talks about the current state of things over a apocalyptic beat. The song “Xziled” talks about how ones’ environment shapes your way of thought over a fuzzy boom bap instrumental while the penultimate track “Fever Dream” talks about being trapped in such over another rock infused-beat. The EP ends with “Diagnosis”, where RƎƵ recaps the mental struggles he’s faced in the last 4 years over an instrumental that kinda has a vintage East Coast feel to it.

Personally, I think it shows how talented RƎƵIN 47 truly is. His production keeps getting progressively grimier & the lyrics are the most personal than it’s ever been before. I absolutely recommend keeping an eye out for his name in the future.

Score: 3.5/5

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