Ken Car$on – “Project X” review

Ken Car$on is a 19 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia breaking out in the SoundCloud scene & becoming a protege of Playboi Carti as one of the first artists to sign to the latter’s newly founded Opium label. But after a total of 5 EPs under his belt, of course Ken had to bring it full circle on this debut album of his.

“Who’s Next?” kicks the album off with an accordion & hi-hats talking about passin’ hoes like tests whereas “Rock n Roll” is a spacious banger about him trippin’. “Party All Day” serves as an uptempo sequel to “Butterfly” just before addressing people switching up on the minimalist “Change”.

Meanwhile with “Run + Ran”, we have a 2-parter about feeling like Pac & stacking bands with the 2nd half being much stronger leading into the bass-heavy stripper theme “Shake”. The kid later reveals that he’s got a lot of hoes on the distorted “Hella” prior to the dramatically threatening “Clutch”.

The song “‘Till I Die” works in some more synths & snares talking about he’ll always be counting racks while the penultimate track “Burnin’ Up” addresses his increasing profile over an instrumental with a bit of an electro flare. Then the album ends with “So What”, which vibrantly details a 1-night stand.

For those who’ve never heard of Ken, I think Project X is a solid place to start off because what he is to Opium is what Gunna was to YSL & by that I mean I think he’s gonna become the label’s biggest signee behind the founder. Some of the production choices could’ve been a little bit better to me, but I do enjoy his youthful enjoy quite a bit.

Score: 3.5/5

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