Yeat – “Geëk Pack” review

This is the 6th EP from Portland rapper Yeat. Coming up in 2018 off his debut EP Deep Blue $trips, he would go on to follow it up with 2 mixtapes & 3 more EPs, but he began dominating the mainstream in 2021 whether it be him dropping a total of 4 projects (2 mixtapes, an EP & a full-length debut) or cosigns from the likes of Drake & Earl Sweatshirt. He just dropped his sophomore album albeit major label debut 2 Alivë under Geffen Records a little over a month ago & is continuing to apply pressure by dropping off the Geëk Pack.

“Big tonka” with Lil Uzi Vert kicks off the whole EP with a euphoric, bell-heavy ode to Lamborghinis whereas “Kant rëlax” follows it up with a hypertrap banger about how ready he is. “No commënt” takes a more vibrant direction dissing Autumn! in the hook leading into Uzi returning for the futuristic yet uncanny “3G” talking about being the only ones outer space.

Meanwhile on “Nëw turban”, we have Yeat returning to hypertrap territory reincorporating some bells to spit some braggadocio just before “Hatër” claps back at those who don’t like him over a rubbery instrumental. The song “Way back” comes through with a more anthemic ballad talking about getting the cash while the penultimate track “Luv monëy” with Lancey Foux speaks for itself accompanied by a bass-heavy beat. “Dub” finishes the EP with an electrifying instrumental talking about his wins.

It’s not as great as 2 Alivë, but I still think Geëk Pack happens to be a decent addition to Yeat’s catalog. Even though I still maintain that he’s the most exciting artist in this whole rage/hypertrap subgenre, this just feels like a bunch of mid leftovers from the album recording sessions minus the Uzi cuts.

Score: 3/5

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