Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA – “Scaring the Hoes” review

This is the brand new collaborative album between Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA. One being an MC out of my hometown Detroit, Michigan & the other is a Baltimore-based MC, singer/songwriter & producer. Both of whom have cemented themselves as trailblazers in the experimental hip hop scene with albums like XXX & Atrocity Exhibition to All My Heroes are Cornballs & LP!. They first crossed paths when Peggy produced “3 Tearz” & delivered a remarkable impersonation of one of my idols Pharrell with his feature on “Negro Spiritual, both songs eventually wound up appearing on Danny’s previous album uknowhatimsayin¿ a few months before COVID shut the world down. But as the latter gears up to drop Quaranta on May 26 apparently, Danny & Peggy are uniting for the highly anticipated Scaring the Hoes.

“Lean Beef Patty” was a great choice for a lead single as it sets the tone of what’s to come with a glitchy hardcore hip hop opener also pulling from footwork jungle, chipmunk soul, hybrid trap & industrial music as JPEGMAFIA starts & ends his verse by dissing Elon Musk referencing John Schnatter’s racism & even AEW founder/current Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan in between until Danny Brown boasts about living in this chick’s head rent free prior to “Steppa Pig” almost having a bit of an EDM groove to it instrumentally as they discuss doing it for their legacies & calling out those who feel entitled. The title track pulls from avant-garde jazz advising that playing this will have the hoes touch they toes leading into the soulful boom bap jam “Garbage Pail Kids” belittling their opposition.

Moving on from there, we have “Fentanyl Tester” drawing from drum & bass music sampling the classic Kelis single “Milkshake” as Danny & Peggy warn y’all to hide as nobody’s safe at all leading into the triumphant yet monstrous trap banger “Burfict!” as they talk about being cliqued up & my favorite line has to be when Peggy said “cover his face, that bitch Mach-Hommy” in the middle of his verse. “Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up” brings back the glitch hop vibes as Danny does figure 8s on motherfuckers until “Muddy Waters” switches into a more trippier groove to the beat as JPEGMAFIA asks God to forgive him for slayin’.

“Orange Juice Jones” returns to a more soulful sound as both MCs take their significant others to space on autopilot just before Maryland up-&-comer redveil drops the album’s only feature on “Kingdom Hearts Key” as they air out those who think they know him over an angelic trap beat. The gospel sample throughout “God Loves You” is well flipped as Danny & Peggy get in a raunchier bag lyrically until “Run the Jewels” delivers a 1-minute drum & bass glitch hop hybrid saying most sorry-ass bitches won’t be like the titularly acclaimed superduo.

The song “Jack Harlow Combo Meal” kicks things off with some remarkably jazzy piano chords as Danny Brown promises to run up on you, take your spot & to take your business until JPEGMAFIA telling those who want action with him ain’t into actin’ while the penultimate track “H.O.E. (Heaven On Earth)” is a gospel rap ballad dedicated to the baddest bitches in their lives. “Where Ya Get Ya Coke From?” sends off the album with a chaotically cloudy fatality as Devon Hendryx talks about being off top on your bitch like 2-time AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin until Danny calls himself a failed chemistry experiment with a clever reference to Jimi Hendrix’s debut album Are You Experienced? shortly after.

As someone who’s been a fan of both these guys for a minute now, I had very high expectations going into Scaring the Hoes & it’s on par with LP! as amongst the greatest experimental hip hop albums of the current decade. Peggy’s ever-so experimental take on hardcore hip hop expands to industrial hip hop, glitch hop, drum & bass, jazz rap & trap as he & Detroit veteran both clash with one another excellently on the mic with dropping their respectively uniquely ear-grabbing lyricism. Rome Streetz’ latest album Wasn’t Built in a Day is my 2023 Album of the Year so far, but Scaring the Hoes is unquestionably up in the ranks too.

Score: 4.5/5

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