Destroy Lonely – “If Looks Could Kill” review

Destroy Lonely is a 21 year old recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia who happens to be the son of former Disturbing tha Peace Records signee I-20. He’s released a total of 6 EPs & 2 mixtapes since originally breaking out through SoundCloud in 2019 prior to Playboi Carti signing Lone to his Interscope Records imprint Opium Records to surprise drop his full-length debut No Stylist in light of a tour that he co-headlined with fellow label-mate Ken Carson last summer. However, he’s returning nearly 9 months later to drop a sophomore effort & one that I hope would make the haters shut up considering that he’s already proven himself to be the most versatile Opium signing to date.

“how u feel?” opens the album with some guitars & hi-hats saying he feels fine other than needing a few more dollar signs whereas the title track follows it up with a cloudy emo rap ballad produced by longtime collaborator Clayco about being a fashion demon. “fly shit” returns to a more trap metal sound so he can flex a bit, but then “which one” shreds some chunkier riffs on top of some hi-hats thanks to Cade trying to figure out who loves him.

Continuing from there with “raver”, we have Lone over more trap metal production so he can go brazy leading into “came in wit” has a bit of a rage vibe to the beat talking about looking like he jumped out the ocean with all of his diamonds. “by the pound” has a more playful sound to it provided by TM88 even though he delivers one of the weaker performances on the album badly impersonating Future just before “all the time” confesses that he feels like he’s lost his mind & the instrumental here gives me an aquatic feeling for whatever reason.

“biggest problem” has a more spacious trap approach to it bragging that he’s riding around with some fly shit while “chris paul” talks about ballin’ out over a booming trap beat. “superstar” returns to atmospheric territory watchin’ the bodies fall from the swag he’s droppin’ while “new new” weaves some synthesizers into the fold talking about being the freshest whenever you compare him to everyone else in the trap scene right now.

Meanwhile, “right now” concludes the first leg of the album taking it returning to trap metal turf telling his girl he’ll get her whatever the fuck it is that she desires & “which way” starts the 2nd half with a ghostly trap beat admitting that he doesn’t have a clear as to which specific what that he’s going. “wagwan” blends some skittering hi-hats & a futuristic backdrop asking what’s up prior to “moment of silence” sampling “Your Skull’s Red” by Team Sleep talking about going harder than everyone else while “brazy girls” is a trap rock hybrid about his women.

“goin’ up” dives into more psychedelic waters tackling his continuously rising popularity that is until “passenger” shifts gears with it’s twinkling trap production talking about switching up his swag & smokin’ on Metro Boomin’ every single day. “promo” gives me a bit of a ghostly feeling as far as the beat goes so Destroy can be able to update his swag while “worth it” makes sure every second counts over a trap instrumental with a blobby bass-line

Zodiac & y2tnb keep it rolling on the ultramodern “redlight” keeping an FN under his seat for all the fuckboys while “make sum work” brings back the guitars & hi-hats going berserk. The song “safety” flips Team Sleep yet again except it’s “Blvd. Nights” this time spending more on his protection & well-being while the penultimate track “your eyes” gets more cavernous courtesy of ReidMD talking about seeing himself when looking into the eyes of his raver. “money & sex” with Ken Carson though ends the album with a hypertrap jam talking about the 2 things they love.

A lot of people are probably gonna complain about the 90 minute runtime straight out the gate & I’m well aware that not everyone ends up pulling off that feat, but I think Lone has enough versatility to make it stick the landing & that’s exactly the point he has proven yet again. He continues to expand his sound by dabbling a bit more with dream pop & neo-psychedelia than he’s done in the past & his performances on a good amount of these cuts are pretty fun.

Score: 4/5

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