1017 Worldwide – “So Icy Boyz” review

1017 Worldwide is a record label founded in 2009 by trap pioneer Gucci Mane after his departure from Mizay Entertainment. They’ve housed a revolving door of artists ranging from Waka Flocka Flame to Asian Doll during it’s first decade, but regained momentum last year after revamping itself along with putting out it’s first 2 compilations So Icy Summer & So Icy Gang last year showcasing their brand new roster of young talent. Most notably Pooh Shiesty, who earned a spot in this year’s XXL Freshman Class over the summer. But now with 3 new signees coming into the picture, it’s only right for Wop & the rest of the 1017 family to come together for their 3rd showcase comp.

“Poppin’” by BigWalkDog & Gucci starts the comp off with some keyboards & hi-hats to show off their charisma whereas “Sno Cone” by BiC Fizzle & Gucci has a more symphonic sound with the help of Tay Keith talking about how cold they are. BigWalkDog returns alongside Bankroll Freddie to detail the “Trap Life” over an instrumental kin to the opener, but then BiC & Wop return alongside Cootie on “TrapMania” to reaffirm their big dog status despite the nondescript beat.

Meanwhile on “Rolling Loud”, we have Hotboy Wes alongside Big Scarr & BigWalkDog over some more piano trap shit using the title as a few clever metaphors just before “Whole Lotta Ice” by BigWalkDog, Lil Baby & Pooh Shiesty of course lavishly details the chains they got. Big Scarr gets his own solo joint with “From da South” grimly detailing life in Atlanta leading into the [Honorable C.N.O.T.E.]-produced “Trap God”, where Gucci rightfully proclaims himself as such alongside BigWalkDog.

“Free Smoke” by Big Scarr & Hotboy Wes finds 2 heinously detailing how they living while the guitar-driven BiC Fizzle solo cut “Mo Money” speaks on the increasing problems them dollar bills bring. “Free Foo” by Foogiano works in a bassy instrumental talking about doing better & the BigWalkDog solo joint “So Icy” incorporated some strings paying homage to the squad.

I feel like everything about “On God” is a bit of a rehash of “TrapMania” down to how it’s structured, but “My Lil Dance” by Gucci & Hotboy Wes energetically details the latter’s past with his mentor talking about getting him right. Sure enough, Wes gets his own solo song with “Slide” spitting that gangsta shit while the penultimate track “Freestyle” by Big Scarr & Gucci feels like some off-the-cuff shit despite it’s flute-heavy beat. “Never Trust a Soul” by Enchanting, Foogiano & Gucci ends the comp by living up to it’s title concept-wise even though there’s not much to the instrumental.

It’s been made pretty clear that label compilations like this can be either hit or miss & as much as I really admire the camaraderie between everyone on 1017, I’m kinda torn by So Icy Boyz. I genuinely think there is potential with the signees, but the production is very generic even by Gucci’s standards.

Score: 3/5

Gucci Mane – “Ice Daddy” review

This is the 15th full-length album from Atlanta’s very own Gucci Mane. Emerging in the mid-2000s, he would go on to receive legend status for being one of the Big 3 pioneers in trap music alongside T.I. & Jeezy as well as having one of if not the largest discography throughout the entire subgenre that continues to grow today. He spent a good bulk of last year revamping 1017 Worldwide, signing a bunch of acts (the most notable one being Pooh Shiesty) & putting out a couple showcase compilations that successfully gave these newer cats more exposure. But after having a kid with his wife Keyshia almost 6 months ago, Wizzop is officially returning by dropping Ice Daddy.

The opener “Poppin’” incorporates some piano & strings as Gucci is pretty much showcasing 1017’s newest signee BigWalkDog while the Mike WiLL Made-It produced “Posse on Bouldercrest” with Pooh Shiesty is a dope lil homage to the classic Sir Mix-a-Lot joint “Posse on Broadway”. I love the ominousness that 30 Roc provides for “Shit Crazy”, but the Big30 feature is so wack. Luckily we have Pooh Shiesty reappearing on “Like 34 & 8” to make up for it.

Southside works in a flute for Wop to get in his drug dealer bag with “D-Boy Style” whereas the Lil Baby-assisted “Trap Shit” speaks on how everything they put on wax is official backed by a lavish Zaytoven instrumental. On “I Got It”, we have Lil Uzi Vert accompanying Gucci for a moody slow jam attempt & the energetic “Rich N***a Shit” needs no further explanation.

Meanwhile on the piano-inflicted “Top of Shit”, we have 2 Chainz tagging along to address their longevity just before E-40 fills in for the organ-laced paper anthem “Never Runnin’ Out of Money”. Then we have Project Pat helping Wop go back on the pusher tip for the synthy, bass-heavy “Fold Dat Money Up” leading up to the bloodthirsty “Gucci Coming for You” featuring these gun-cocking sounds in the production.

d.a. got that dope whips up a more somber sound for the boastful “Invoices” just before Gucci & PeeWee Longway start a bonfire on the rowdy “Live at the Red Carpet”. The song “Bust Down” is a nice throwback to dirty south strip club bangers while the penultimate track “Lately” is a spookily-produced confession about fake motherfuckers. The album then ends with “How I See It”, where Wop jumps on a rubbery instrumental to speak how he views things.

It’s been pretty clear that Father’s Day is approaching this weekend & Ice Daddy to me is a dope way for Gucci to celebrate. He sounds focused & charismatic on the mic once more with Mike WiLL, Zay & Southside helping to bring the best out of him as they usually do.

Score: 3.5/5

Big Scarr – “Big Grim Reaper” review

Big Scarr is a 21 year old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee that broke out in 2019 off his debut single “Make a Play”. This would catch the attention of Atlanta trap pioneer Gucci Mane, who signed Scarr to his revived Atlantic Records imprint 1017 Worldwide last year. The kid has gone on to release 6 singles since being taken under Wop’s wing & with the commercial success of Pooh Shiesty’s debut tape Shiesty Season that came out a couple months back, Scarr is next up at bat.

“Grim Reaper” is a to-the-point opener as Scarr hops on some sinister piano melodies & hi-hats to spit about being a murder, but then the next song “Get It In” is a violin-heavy follow-up about being a young legend. “Poppin’” is a doomy ode to his newfound fame whereas the braggadocio-induced “Frozone” goes into a more wintry direction sonically.

The track “Ballin’ in LA” links up with Gucci Mane & Pooh Shiesty to deliver a dark yet infectious dedication to the sunshine state while “Joe Dirt” goes into a more uptempo direction beat-wide as the lyrics detail going from the apartments to the mansion. “SoIcyBoyz3” re-enlists Shiesty & Wop alongside Foogiano to send a warning to their detractors over a glistening Tay Keith instrumental & the Baby K-featured “No Ball” literally has nothing going for it other than the Middle Eastern-inspired production.

Scarr returns to a more darker sound on the track “Don’t Stop” as he raps about beef, but then “IDL” showcases a cool lil chemistry between him & Enchanting as they paint an oxymoronic love story. The woefully produced “Pay Me” details being crossed so many times & on the contrary, “Traphouse” is a stern look-back on his days before rapping.

Meanwhile on “I Would Keep Goin’”, we have have Big Scarr detailing how heartless he is in a petrifying fashion before he & Gucci Mane detail how they live life on the Zaytoven-produced “In Color”. The track “From the Jump” details about his greatness over a plentiful instrumental & the tape ends with the first 2 installments of the “SoIcyBoyz” series. The first one is kinda underwhelming & the 2nd one is much more improved.

Even though I came away from Big Grim Reaper with mixed feelings, I’m still very much looking forward to hearing what Big Scarr has to offer. The overall sound is middle-of-the-road, but I’m not gonna deny the ambition in his voice throughout a good bulk of the tape.

Score: 2.5/5

Pooh Shiesty – “Slime Season” review

Pooh Shiesty is a 21 year old rapper from Memphis, Tennessee who broke out just last year off his viral single “Main Slime”. This resulted in Gucci Mane signing him to his Atlantic Records imprint 1017 Worldwide & after multiple appearances on the label’s recent showcase compilations, he’s now being granted a full-length debut.

The intro talks about seeing through fake shit over an icy trap beat whereas the next song “Back in Blood” with Lil Durk finds the 2 talking about murder over an instrumental with some foreboding piano melodies. The track “Guard Up” talks about fucking up anyone in his way over an acoustic guitar along with some rubbery bass while the song “Ugly” with Gucci Mane sees the duo talking about how everyone with them is thuggin’ over a trap beat with some distressing keyboards.

The track “Neighbors” with Big30 finds the 2 talking about being real g’s over a wintry instrumental while the song “50 Shots” talks about getting it in at the trap over an elegiac beat. The track “No Chorus” talks about death over a pessimistic instrumental while the song “Box of Churches” with 21 Savage sees the duo talking about bringing the smoke to ‘em over a spectral beat.

The track “Making a Mess” with Big30 & Veeze finds the trio talking about romance & guns over a bassy instrumental with this horn section occasionally popping in & out while the song “Choppa Way” talks about staying the same despite being rich now over an ominous beat. The track “Take a Life” with Foogiano sees the 2 talking about how people don’t know what it’s like to kill someone over an instrumental with a prominent woodwind sample while the song “Gone MIA” talks about all the pussies out there over a triumphant beat.

The track “Big 13 Gang” with Choppa Wop & Lil Hank finds the 3 talking about being a threat over a cinematic instrumental while the song “Drop Some Shit” talks about trying to make it out before he gets locked up over a cloudy beat. The track “See Red” talks about blood being around him over a trap/rock fusion while the song “Master P” compares himself to the No Limit mogul of the same name over a heady beat from Tay Keith. The album ends with the strip club anthem “Twerksum”, which originally appeared on the So Icy Gang compilation back in October.

Of all the recent 1017 signings, Pooh Shiesty has stood out to me the most. However, this album is just decent at best. He has a great presence on the mic & his songwriting is definitely ear-grabbing, but the production is just middle of the road & most of the features kinda weigh it down.

Score: 3/5