Trippie Redd – “Mansion Musik” review

Trippie Redd is a 23 year old rapper & singer/songwriter from Canton, Ohio who came up in the 2017 off the first 2 installments of the A Love Letter to You mixtape series. The kid would continue to grow after dropping his full-length debut Life’s a Trip & then A Love Letter to You 3 the following year. However, the quality of his music started to take a nosedive given the mediocrity of ! & A Love Letter to You 4. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Pegasus was a bloated mess & the Travis Barker-produced pop punk foray Neon Shark vs. Pegasus is barely better. Last time we heard Trippie though was a year & a half ago now when he dropped Trip at Knight, where nearly every song sounded similar to one another. But for his 6th album, he’s tapping in with the Drill God himself Chief Keef to executive produce it.

The title track is an uncanny trap opener with Trippie dropping some braggadocio whereas “ATLANTIS” finds him & Keef linking up over some rage beats showing off their extravagant lifestyles. Future tags along for the chaotic “PSYCHO” talking about losing their sanity, but then Lil Baby accompanies them both on the bassy banger “FULLY LOADED” talking about being strapped.

“KNIGHT CRAWLER” feels more like a Juice WRLD song featuring Trippie Redd with the main artist himself encouraging to start a riot & Juice plotting to take over the world just before “VAN HELSING” talks about being a chameleon over some synths & hi-hats. “FREE RIO” comes through with a Detroit trap influenced dedication to Rio da Yung O.G. leading into “KRZY TRAIN” with Travis Scott going full-blown trap metal to discuss being married to the game.

Moving on from there with “MUSCLES”, we have Lil Durk coming into the picture as he & Trippie rep their respective gangs up in this bitch over a spacious trap beat while “GOODFELLAS” with Nardo Wick has one of the weaker feature performances with his verse near the end despite the piano instrumental & the subject matter of hustlin’ out kin to one of the greatest movies ever. “KILLIONAIRE” talks about being an achiever backed by some suspenseful production while Big30’s verse on “HIGH HOPES” is no better as much as I enjoy the beat that Chopsquad DJ brings to the table & Trippie’s performances.

“DIE DIE “ with LUCKI finds the 2 back in hypertrap territory talking about the city being theirs & being to fly while the blaring “WHO ELSE!” with Rich the Kid address their mob ties with Rich’s verse being a bit mediocre. “BIGGEST BIRD” sounds like it was made for Summrs’ latest album Fallen Raven since Trippie’s only on the hook & I’ll still take it since that’s his best full-length to date, but “HIDEOUT” with Fijimacintosh kinda gives me sci-fi vibes instrumentally & both showing off mansions.

Rylo Rodriguez’ verse on the energizing “WITCHCRAFT” is underwhelming as the lyrics address recklessness while “TOILET WATER” with Ski Mask the Slump God picks things back up as both parties deliver a grim ballad belittling anyone who dares to step up to them. “PURE” with G Herbo works in some organs as they talk about how they’ve been trapping since they were kids prior to Chief Keef returning 1 last time on the triumphant “Rock Out” speaking on being big dogs.

“ARMAGEDDON” with Rob49 brings back the rage beats warning that they have 100 round drums on them while the song “NUN” being one of the weakest cuts as there is “nun” really going on with DaBaby’s verse although the subject matter of not being told shit is relatable & the production is alright. The penultimate track “Swag Like Ohio, Pt. 2” is a remarkable sequel to one of The Almighty Based God Lil B’s greatest hits with him even dropping a verse at the back-end & “Colors” with Kodak Black ends things with a pluggy Pi’erre Bourne instrumental showing off their Rollie’s.

As critical as I’ve been with Trippie Redd’s most recent output, I actually think Masion Musik is a slightly-above average step in the right direction for him & it has me anticipating A Love Letter to You 5. I like how he switched up his sound quite a bit & But improved his vocal performances, it’s just that the album’s too long & would’ve been better if you took off the joints where the features were punching under their weight.

Score: 3/5

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Trippie Redd – “Trip at Knight” review

This is the 5th full-length album from Ohio rapper & singer/songwriter Trippie Redd. Coming up in the 2017 off the first 2 installments of the A Love Letter to You mixtape series, the kid would continue to grow after dropping his full-length debut Life’s a Trip & then A Love Letter to You 3 the following year. However, the quality of his music started to take a nosedive given the mediocrity of ! & A Love Letter to You 4. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Pegasus was a bloated mess & the Travis Barker-produced pop punk foray Neon Shark vs. Pegasus is barely better. 6 months later, Trippie is taking it back to basics with Trip at Knight.

“Molly Hearts” kicks things off a synth-heavy instrumental from Cashmere Cat talking about ecstasy if you couldn’t tell by the title already whereas the SoFaygo- assisted “MP5” speaks on being strapped despite the generic ass Pi’erre Bourne type beat that you can probably find on YouTube. “Betrayal” with Drake is nothing more than a bitter Kanye diss, but “Finish Line” later serves as an electronic tinged-lust tune just before Lil Uzi Vert tags along for the entrancing yet braggadocious “Holy Smokes”.

Meanwhile on “Super Cell”, we get a respectable tribute to the Dragon Ball Z series leading into the rowdy festival anthem “Miss the Rage” with Playboi Carti]. “Supernatural” is a 2-parter starting out by psychedelically telling this bitch to take a chill pill, but then switches up to an aggressive ode to his gang. “Demon Time” reuses the “*Givenchy” beat for Trippie & Ski Mask the Slump God to talk about how they don’t play games “Matt Hardy 999” finds him & the late Juice WRLD going back & forth with each other backed by some Neptunes-inspired synthesizers.

“Vibes” has a bit of a retro video game feel to the best bragging about getting that paper whereas “New Money” continues the themes of wealth except it’s much more cloudier. “Danny Phantom” is a half-assed reworking of “Ghostbusters” trying to milk off the late XXXTENTACION just before the futuristic, 2-minute “Space Time” calling out those who’re mad at him. The keyboard melodies on “Baki” are nice change of pace with Trippie opening up about his rockstar lifestyle while the song “iPhone” has one of the most skeletal instrumentals on the whole album & telling his homies to call him if they need anything.

The penultimate track “Rich Motherfucka” with Lil Durk & Polo G has a sinister piano loop with the trio showing off their wealth, but then “Captain Crunch is a fiery finisher to the album getting on the gangsta rap tip with assistance from some of the hottest MCs my city has to offer right now: Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo & Sada Baby.

Now I much rather prefer Trip at Knight than Pegasus & Neon Shark vs. Pegasus, but by a very small margin. I feel like the production is very samey for a good 90% of it’s 47 minute runtime & a good majority of the features are outshining Trippie himself both lyrically & vocally.

Score: 2/5

Trippie Redd – “Neon Shark vs. Pegasus” review

Trippie Redd is a 21 year old rapper from Canton, Ohio who rose to prominence in off his first 2 mixtapes: A Love Letter to You & A Love Letter to You 2. His profile would continue to grow with projects like LIFE’S A TRIP & A Love Letter to You 3 however, the quality of his music wouldn’t begin to decline until the release of his sophomore album ! in 2019. Trippie followed it up by dropping A Love Letter to You 4 a few months later & it was a decent bounce back that gave me hope of him continuing to redeem himself. But then came the overloaded & painfully generic Pegasus this past fall, which is undoubtedly his worst body of work to date. Fast forward 3 months later, Trippie is attempting to crossover into rock territory for his 4th full-length album with the help of blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

The album kicks off with “PILL BREAKER”, where Trippie teams up with blackbear & Machine Gun Kelly to talk about drugs over a trap beat with a faint electric guitar in the background. The next song “WITHOUT YOU” talks about going insane if this woman leaves him over a pop punk instrumental while the track “SWIMMING” lyrically is based on the famous Dory quote from Finding Nemo over a headbanging beat. The song “FEMALE SHARK” expresses Trippie’s desire to have a fearless woman in his life over a bass guitar & some live drumming while the track “GERONIMO” with Chino Moreno of all people sees the 2 talking about protecting their significant others over a heavy beat.

The song “SEA WORLD” talks about his love for his significant other lasting forever over a fast-tempo instrumental while the track “RED SKY” gets back with Machine Gun Kelly to talk about exes leaving them in the cold over an acoustic guitar & some drums. The song “MEGLADON” talks about being born to terrorize over a more hard rock instrumental while the track “SAVE YOURSELF” talks about fighting his demons & the riffs on here could very well be the best on the entire album.

The song “DREAMER” asks his girl what she was waiting for over a Yeezo Beats instrumental sampling the “Have You Ever Had a Dream Like This?” kid while the track. “IT’S COMING” talks about facing your fears & the instrumental sounds like early LINKIN PARK for God knows what reason. The song “LEADERS” talks about not being a believer when he was younger over a sample of the Deftones’ “Back to School (Mini Maggit)” while the penultimate track “FROZEN OCEAN” talks about feeling broken & hopeless & the instrumentation on here is somewhat a heavy version than what we heard on “LEADERS”. The album ends with “DEAD DESERT”, where Trippie enlists ZillaKami & Scarlxrd to talk about dropping dead over a filthy trap metal beat.

You can throw this album to the ever-growing pile of rappers attempting to go rock & failing miserably at it, because I did not care for it at all. Travis Barker’s production is really the saving grace of the entire thing, as Trippie Redd’s songwriting & vocals that make it VERY hard for me to sit through.

Score: 1.5/5

Trippie Redd – “Pegasus” review

This is the 3rd full-length album from Ohio superstar Trippie Redd. Blowing up a few years ago off the first 2 installments of his A Love Letter to You mixtape series, he would go on to release a solid debut album LIFE’S A TRIP in 2018 & then a subpar sophomore effort ! last summer. This followed up in November with A Love Letter to You 4 but as Halloween approaches, Trippie is finally coming through with Pegasus.

The opener “Let It Out” is a mediocre duet with Myiah Lynnae about 2 partners expressing their feelings of loving one another over a spacious beat whereas the next song “Moonlight” talks about being a helping hand to his partner over a moody instrumental. The track “Love Scars 4” tries to convince his lover to trust him over a woozy beat while “The Nether” talks about how it’s impossible for him to get this woman off his mind over a cloudy instrumental.

The song “So Stressed” with Yung LB sees the 2 telling their significant others about why they’re blessings to them over a skeletal beat while the track “Excitement” with PARTYNEXTDOOR finds the 2 singing about how their lovers make them feel over an atmospheric instrumental. The song “Mood” tries to find out why his bitch is mad at him over a cavernous beat while the title track talks about where he’s at right now over a glamorous instrumental.

The song “Weeeeee” talks about being the big dog over a psychedelic beat while the track “Personal Favorite” with Rich the Kid sees the 2 talking about how their lovers deserve the throne over a generic instrumental. The song “V-12” talks about expensive cars over a piano-inflicted trap beat while the track “Spaceships” with Young Thug finds the 2 talking about being trapped in their own heads over a dystopian-sounding instrumental.

The song “Never Change” talks about staying true to himself over angelic beat while the track “Good Morning” talks about spoiling his girlfriend over a bland instrumental. The song “No Honorable Mention” with Lil Mosey & Quavo sees the 2 talking about their wealth over a comatose beat while “I Got You” is pretty much a Busta Rhymes joint as Trippie only handles the hook & the 2 get romantic over a calming acoustic instrumental from Wheezy.

The song “Too Fly” gets braggadocious over an airy beat & much like “I Got You”, the track “Red Beam” sees Trippie once again appearing solely on the hook as Sean Kingston spits about him going to places you can’t go to over a druggy instrumental. The song “Oomp’s Revenge, Pt. 2” talks about never living unemployed again over a vibrant beat while the track “Take 1” is essentially Trippie doing his best Future impersonation.

The song “Sleepy Hollow” compares himself to Ichigo Kurosaki over a sinister beat while the track “Kid That Didd” with Future & Doe Boy finds the trio talking about his crew pullin’ up in your city over a bass-heavy instrumental. The song “Don” is an ode to the champagne brand Don Pérignon over a minimal beat while the track “Hell Rain” with Lil Wayne finds the 2 talking about them fucking up over an instrumental with a Godly feel to it. The Swae Lee dominated “TR666” talks about his 3rd eye being open over a gorgeous Scott Storch beat & then the closer “Sun God” discusses the cons of being in a relationship over a drab instrumental.

Can’t really think of anything else to say about this album other that than, it’s just such a mess in comparison to everything he’s put out in the last. It’s way too bloated, mostly 1-dimensional, poorly produced, the features are just ok & Trippie’s painting himself in a corner with his style at this point.

Score: 1.5/5