Bear1boss – “Blow Up!” review

Bear1boss is a 24 year old recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia who came up in 2015 off his debut mixtape #beentrill#. He has since gone on to build up a lengthy yet impressive catalog for himself including 5 more tapes as well as 21 EPs & even 5 full-length albums. My introduction to his music was last spring when my younger brother & UnreleasedSnip founder Jacob! played me “Fair” & “All Alone” off his 18th EP Dynamic, where I found myself being impressed by unique voice & style to the point where I’ve been following him since. But coming off his last EP Leave Me Alone! exactly a month ago, Bear1’s back for another.

Things kick off with Bear admitting on the opener “Taking It Too Far” that he’s been on shrooms over a digicore instrumental whereas “Ratchet” works in some synths & hi-hats talking about how he simply cannot be topped considering the position he’s currently at now in his life. “SRT 4 Leaf Clover” has a more rage inducing vibe to it to deliver some braggadocio just before “Pockets on Evil” comes through with a more bombastic quality to the beat as he flexes his wealth & I love how he utilizes his voice during the hook.

The song “Stick in the Trunk” comes through with a more atmospheric sound with a rubbery bass-line & hi-hats woven into the fold so Bear1 can point out that he is indeed strapped while the penultimate track “Gucci Prayer Sock” returns to a more glitchcore-based sound touching on romance on the lyrical end. “Demise” on the other end finishes the EP by blending hypertrap with plugg by calling out those who wanna be just like him & feeling like that guy.

If you’re not up on this guy yet, then I think you should because you never know what you’re gonna get yourself into considering how experimental he is with his sound & Blow Up!. The production is more rage-centered with some pop rap & digicore undertones throughout the 7-track/18 minute course of the EP & combining that with his signatory fun performances laced with a bunch of crazy vocal effects continues to show as to why he’s one of the most exciting new faces in the trap subgenre.

Score: 3.5/5

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