Mr. Hyde – “We’re the Nightbreed” review

Mr. Hyde is a 44 year old MC from Queens, New York who came up alongside his Gruesome Twosome cohort & longtime friend/collaborator Necro ever since the death rap inventor conceived Psycho+Logical-Records. After years of being featured on numerous albums from the label, Hyde finally got to shine on his own in the summer of ‘04 with his classic full-length debut Barn of the Naked Dead. He has since gone on to release 4 more albums on his own since then, with the last one being The Boogeyman’s Real in the fall of 2019. But given that it’s been a little over a year since Bonnie & Hyde put out their eponymous debut, it’s fitting for Hyde drop a debut EP on Friday the 13th.

“Don’t Forget My Number” is a demonic boom bap opener spitting the wicked shit whereas “Beast Bars” works in a guitar & some dusty drums talking about how hot his bars are. “Dipped in Death” shoots for a more unsettling atmosphere thanks to Cotardz for Hyde to deliver some brutal death rap while the track “Filthy Beasts” with G-Mo Skee declares themselves as such over an organ-laced instrumental. The final song “Nightbreed” ends the EP by ominously comparing himself to that or a monster & “Putrid Decay” is just a 34 second outro.

Much like Bonnie & Hyde’s self-titled debut from a little over a year ago, We’re the Nightbreed is definitely one of the better projects that Mr. Hyde has put out in recent years. Now I’m not saying he ever lost his step lyrically because he sounds as grisly than ever on this EP, but the production choices are progressively improving & that’s what I like to hear.

Score: 4/5

Bonnie & Hyde – Self-Titled review

Bonnie & Hyde are an East Coast duo consisting of death rap veteran Mr. Hyde & his wife Cherie Rain. The couple have been making joints with one another dating back to Hyde’s 3rd album If It Bleeds We Can Kill It back in 2012 but almost a decade later, they’re coming together for a full-length debut.

After the “Killer Couple” intro, the first song “Epic Pursuit (Bonnie & Hyde Theme)” details being chased by the cops over a boom bap beat with some strings buried in the background while the track “Death is Coming” gets on his death rap shit over a Satanic instrumental from Cherie Rain herself. The song “Darkness” talks about the owners of the night arriving over a boom bap beat with some eerie piano embellishments while the track “Poison Fate” spits some battle bars over a perilous instrumental.

The song “Funky Fresh Face Melt” with Celph Titled finds the trio getting homicidal over a grim beat from Little Vic & after the “Kid Joe Forever” interlude, the following track is a NASTY conclusion to the “Street Veteran” saga that started on Psycho+Logical-Records’ 2003 showcase compilation Brutality. The song “Superhuman” talks about being a monster over a rock boom bap fusion & then the closer “Repent the Devil’s Thirsty” comes through with some street poetry over a minimal beat.

The duo really play off one another very well & as a result of that, I personally think this is some of the best material either one of they’ve have ever done. Hyde’s lyrical skills are just as brutal as they were on his iconic 2004 debut album Barn of the Naked Dead, Cherie is a beautiful singer & her sample free compositions are astonishing.

Score: 4.5/5