Missy Elliott – “Iconology” review

This is the debut EP from Portsmouth, Virginia trailblazer Missy Elliott. In case you‘ve been living under a rock: Missy came into the game alongside Timbaland in 1997 with her groundbreaking debut Supa Dupa Fly. They maintained an impeccably close relationship since with Da Real World, Miss E…So Addictive, Under Construction & This Is Not a Test! all dropping throughout the late 90s & early 2000s. Timbo would go on to produce only the first 2 tracks on Missy’s LAST full-length album The Cookbook & that was back in 2005. We’ve only gotten a few appetizers for a comeback ever since from a couple loose singles to a halftime performance during Super Bowl XLIX, but it wasn’t until Missy would surprise the world with Iconology literally the day before it even came out.

The EP kicks off with “Throw It Back”, where Missy talks about shows her competition how it’s done over a bouncy trap beat. The next song “Cool Off” is a Miami Bass throwback while the penultimate track “DripDemeanor” gets sensual over a synth-funk beat. The EP then finishes with “Why I Still Love You”, where Missy provides the listener with a mellow R&B tune.

A lot of people including myself were expecting this to be her 7th full-length album, but I’ll take it as a decent EP. Not sure who did the production, but the beats are fine by their standards & Missy still has a captivating prowess. Also, the “This is a Missy Elliott exclusive” tag at the start of pretty much every song is annoying.

Score: 2.5/5