Saweetie – “The Single Life” review

Saweetie is a 29 year old rapper & actress from Santa Clara, California who came up in the spring of 2018 off her debut EP High Maintenance. However, it wasn’t until later that fall when she started dating Quavo of the Migos where I really started paying attention. Her next 2 EPs ICY & Pretty Summer Playlist were ok, but maintained faith after “Best Friend” rightfully became the hit that it was. But with her full-length debut Pretty Bitch Music finally arriving next year, she’s preluding it in the form of her 4th EP.

“Don’t Say Nothin’” is a hyphy opener with Saweetie advising clout chasers on Twitter whereas “BO$$ CHICK” is a rubbery ode to boss lifestyle. “P.U.S.S.Y. (Powerful, Utopia, Supreme, Sacred, Yummy)” samples “Juicy Fruit” by Mtume in the same vein as the iconic Biggie single “Juicy” talking about female empowerment, but then “Handle My Truth” goes full-blown g-funk acknowledging that she never said she was perfect & asking if one can do such. The penultimate track “Memorable” returns to the hyphy sound talking about what it’ll take to be her lover & “No Reception” has a bit of a Neptunes influence to the instrumental admitting she’s been laying low for 9 months.

I really didn’t know how I felt going into this EP, if I came away from it considering it to be her best body of work to date. The production is respectfully versatile in sound & gives off a lot of charm with her performances go. Will most certainly have to check out Pretty Bitch Music whenever she decides puts it out in the upcoming year.

Score: 3.5/5

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