Karlae – “Enter” review

Karlae is a 28 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia who happens to be the fiancée of trap pioneer Young Thug. She eventually got into making music when YSL Records put out their very 1st showcase compilation Slime Language a day before their founder’s 27th birthday & considering that Strick just dropped his 6th mixtape The Machine 3 a little over a month ago, Karlae’s finally stepping up to the plate next with a debut tape of her very own.

“Chit Chat” is a cutthroat opener talking about not being with the bullshit whereas “Gotta Get Touched” with the late Lil Keed takes a cloudier route getting raunchy. Dess Dior tags along for the bell-infused “Cap Ain’t Nothing” to remind everyone that they know how they come, but then “Respect” with Gunna shoots for a cloudier aesthetic talking about coming out the mud.

Meanwhile on “My Type”, we have Karlae & Yung Mal on top of an acoustic trap instrumental describing their preferences in partners leading into the jangly “Someone Like Me” pondering what others think when they see her. “Ballet” has an industrial trap flare to it as she & Yak Gotti talk about dancing on bitches, but then “Wishful Thinking” comes through with a decent 2-minute R&B ballad.

“Last Goodbye” weaves some rock influences to confess that she feels lonely after being broken up while “Bad” mixes some horns & handclaps talking about going bad because she’s bad as fuck herself. “Boondocks” has to be my least favorite cut in the album from the uneventful production to the award chemistry between Karlae & Bhad Bhabie, but the Sonyae-assisted “Left” picks it up with it’s cloudy beat & the subject matter of everything being litty.

Following that, “I Like” with Coi Leray was a decent cut off YSL’s final showcase compilation to date Slime Language II that makes it’s way onto here while the song “Blind” with Lil Yachty embraces a more playful tone talking about being blinded by love. The penultimate track “Did That” samples Kool & the Gang showing off her wealthy & “On You” ends the album on a cavernous note as she & Thugger profess their love for one another.

I’ve been wanting this chick to put out a project from the moment I first heard her spitting on “U Ain’t Slime Enough” off Slime Language & now that we finally got it, I’m a little torn on the finished product. She’s not a bad songwriter or performer by any means, but a couple of the features underperformed & a good portion of the production doesn’t really have that many interesting ideas to me.

Score: 2.5/5

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YSL Records – “Slime Language II” review

This is the 2nd showcase compilation from Atlanta record label YSL Records. Founded in 2010 by trap trailblazer Young Thug & having been distributed by 300 Entertainment since 2016, the label has built up quite a promising roster within the last 5 years. Their most notable acts being of course Gunna & Lil Keed. The crew’s first showcase compilation Slime Language came out in 2018 to mixed reviews & as the 3 year anniversary of that original project creeps up this summer, Thugger & the gang are taking another jab at it on Slime Language II.

“Slatty” is a great way to kick off the comp as Young Thug, Gunna, Yak Gotti & Lil Duke get together over a siren induced beat from Southside whereas “Ski” shows off the chemistry between Thugger & Gunna over a string-heavy instrumental from Wheezy. The duo’s dominance continues as they pair up with Travis Scott on “Diamonds Dancing” to show off their expensive lifestyles over a piano trap fusion from Turbo, but then Drake & Gunna get together for the spacious party anthem “Solid”.

Meanwhile on “Came & Saw”, we have Young Thug bringing Rowdy Rebel on for a short verse & a lengthy hook to speak on how “you can’t put dirt on someone that’s clean” on top of a Viking-esque instrumental. He later goes on to to trade bars charmingly back & forth with Gunna on the dystopian-sounding “Paid the Fine”, but the Lil Baby verse at the beginning starts it off strong & YTB Trench’s finishes it off mediocrely.

“Proud of You” is clearly a remixed leftover from the Eternal Atake sessions that I actually enjoy up until the hearing Yung Kayo verse at the end, but then Thug & his brother Unfoonk hop on the country trap-flavored “Real” to talk about seeing their haters on the sideline. Karlae & Coi LeRay join forces for the cloudy R&B-tinged “I Like”, but then Lil Keed & T-Shyne manage to get Big Sean on the mystical-sounding “Warriors” to proclaim themselves as such.

“Pots & Pans” has a synth-heavy instrumental that I really enjoy & Lil Duke really shines on here, but NAV comes in & delivers a flat robotic verse that throws the vibe off. The song “WokStar” goes into a more ominous direction as Strick & Skepta speak on their celebrity status, but then “Superstar” marks Young Thug’s return as he & Future talk about how everyone wants to be famous these days over an acoustic instrumental with some rubbery bass.

“Came Out” incorporates a xylophone in the production as Gunna & Keed vaunt but then YNW Melly, BSlime & FN DaDealer come together on “Really Be Slime”, which is easily the most generic song on the entire compilation. “Take It to Trial” was a fun choice for a lead single & I like it even more in the context of the album, but then “Trance” by Karlae & Yung Bleu is a super redundant sex tune.

“G.F.U. (Get Fucked Up)” by Sheck Wes, Yak Gotti & Yung Kayo deliver some underwhelming bars about drug/alcohol usage on top of a Taurus instrumental with a bit of a chopped & screwed influence to it, but then the psychedelically-produced “Moon Man” finds Thugger & KiD CuDi getting together to compare life to a buffet.

“Como Te Llama” is a HiDoraah solo track that I much prefer over the one she had on the first Slime Language as she melodically goes into detail about wanting to know more about her partner, but then the Dolly White solo cut “Reckless” is even better as she goes into a more grittier direction both lyrically & sonically for 92 seconds. The penultimate track “That Go” by Meek Mill, T-Shyne & Young Thug is a hedonism ode with some prominent synthesizers & the album ends with a boring remix to “My City” by YTB Trench.

I was hoping for Slime Language II to be a step up above the predecessor, but it’s just as mediocre. Despite the label’s roster growing & improving, there are a handful of songs that should’ve been left on the cutting room floor. If YSL ever decides to do a Slime Language III at some point down the road, I hope it’s more well-curated.

Score: 2.5/5

YSL Records – “Slime Language” review


YSL Records is a record label that was founded in 2016 by Atlanta trap superstar Young Thug & is distributed by 300 Entertainment. The label’s biggest signee as of right now is Gunna, who’s been featured all over the place this year. And to celebrate Thugger’s 27th birthday a day prior, he has released a compilation showcasing the artists on YSL.

The album begins with “Tsunami”, where Thugger gets sexual over some over a druggy trap beat from Wheezy. The next song with “U Ain’t Slime Enough” with Lil Duke & Jerrika Karlae sees the 3 shit-talking over a cloudy beat while the track “Gain Clout” talks about how people will do anything for fame nowadays & his speedy flow on here was unexpected yet amazing. The song “Oh Yeah” by HiDoraah has an instrumental kin to Young Thug’s previous mixtape Beautiful Thugger Girls, but her lifeless delivery does absolutely nothing for me.

The song “Audemar” with Tracy T sees the 2 getting braggadocious over a nondescript instrumental, but things do pick up on “Chanel (Go Get It)” as Thugger links up with Gunna & Lil Baby talking about taking their women on a shopping spree over a mellow Wheezy instrumental.  The song “Dirty Shoes” sees Thugger & Gunna talking the lavish life over prominent hi-hats & the track “It’s a Slime” with Lil Uzi Vert is a club banger, but it’s not as fun as when they collaborated on “Up” off of the Hear No Evil EP that Young Thug dropped back in April. The song “Scoliosis” with Gunna & Lil Duke is a hilariously raunchy sex tune with a gritty instrumental while I can appreciate the message on “Goin’ Up”, the Lil Keed verse is generic as Hell.

The song “January 1st” is about being flexed out over a decent beat, but the verse from Trap Boy Freddy ruins it. Primarily because he sounds like a pre-pubescent version of Young Thug himself. However, there was a line during the first verse where Thugger disses Russ & I just couldn’t contain myself from laughing. The song “Chains Choking Me” with Gunna pretty much speaks for itself over a druggy beat with an acoustic guitar buried in the mix while the song “STS” with Strick feels like a mediocre Beautiful Thugger Girls leftover. The penultimate track “Expensive” is a decent showcase of Young Thug’s sisters HiDoraah & Dolly as the 2 talk about getting wild over an instrumental that sounds like it was rejected during the LUV is Rage 2 sessions while the closer “Slimed In” is mostly dominated by Nechie, whose nasal auto-tuned delivery is annoying.

As a whole, this is compilation is a mixed bag. Young Thug himself & the production are ok & I can appreciate the fact that Thugger wanted to showcase the talent that he signed to YSL, but a lot of them don’t even stick out. It’s definitely for the hardcore fans.

Score: 2.5/5