Maez301 – “Hello, Goodbye.” review

Maez301 is a 28 year old rapper from Gaithersburg, Maryland that first got his start in 2017 with his debut mixtape Nowhere. The project eventually caught the attention of Ervin Pope & Jerome Taylor, both of whom helped Maez get a record contract with Strange Music the following year & dropped his eponymous full-length debut showing Strange fans who he is artistically a little bit after his 26th born day. The sophomore effort HASAAN took a more personal tone to it & now that he’s home from the Strange New World Tour, Maez is keeping EP behind the boards for his 3rd album.

The title track has some gospel qualities to it telling listeners to be ready when he goes whereas “Let Up” with Tech N9ne is a west coast-tinged banger talking about never slowing down. “First Place” goes into cloudy, trap territory striving for victory & “Black” has to be one of the best songs of his career thus far detailing issues that’re very much relevant today on top of a bluesy instrumental.

Meanwhile on “Frenemies”, we have King Iso joining Maez on top of an acoustic guitar as well as a flute & some snares addressing trust issues leading into “Olsen Twins” serving as a romantically lush trap banger. After the “Different” interlude, “Fallen” is a downtrodden cut cussing out those who wanna see him fail just before “Inspire Me” tells his lover how much she means to him & the beat kinda reminds me of DJ Mustard for whatever reason.

Jehry Robinson tags along for the ethereal “Strange Flows” talking about hoes, but then “Slow Down” keeps the cloud rap vibes going by trying to steal a girl fed up with fuckboys. “Girlfriend” is a smooth dedication to his new sweetheart whereas “Lot on My Plate” has a bit of a cavernous feel to it venting about people hating him because he did it his way.

“Nun 2 Me” is a more spacious cut saying it ain’t shit to him while the song “What a Life” follows it up with a high-spirited bop about how blessed he is. The penultimate track “Ecstasy” psychedelically encourages listeners to live in the moment & “No Limit” rounds it all off has this sparkling quality to the beat talking about taking things as high as possible.

If you liked how Maez introduced the world to who he is artistically & personally on the last 2 albums as much as I did, then I HIGHLY encourage you to check this new one out as soon as you can because he really outdoes himself this time. I always appreciate when one tries to expand themselves artistically & that’s EXACTLY what he does with EP on here successfully.

Score: 4/5

Maez301 – “HASAAN” review

This is the sophomore album from Maryland‘s very own Maez301. Setting his foot in the industry a few years ago with his debut mixtape Nowhere, the project eventually caught the attention of Ervin Pope & Jerome Taylor. Both of whom helped Maez sign with Strange Music in 2018 & just last fall, they put his self-titled debut showcasing versatility. And as the 1 year anniversary of that album approaches in a couple months, Maez & Ervin are back at it again with Hasaan.

The album kicks off with “Thank You”, where Maez talks about living how he wants now over a graceful beat. The next song “Eff U Thought” with Lex Bratcher sees the 2 clapping back at their detractors over a hard trap instrumental while the track “Like It” with E-40 finds both of them charmingly bragging about themselves over a hyphy beat. The song “R.I.P.” with Infinite E sees the 2 talking about women doing them dirty over a slow instrumental while the track “Back in a Minute” flexes over a playful trap beat.

The song “Sick” vents about almost taking his own life over a mellow instrumental while the track “Orange Blood” talks about wanting to be taken back to when life for him was sample over a trap beat from some luscious keyboards. The song “Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)” talks about turning up over a vigorous instrumental while the track “Lately” tells this woman not to fuck with him over a punchy yet somewhat atmospheric beat.

The song “Don’t Go” with Leila is a decent R&B/trap fused duet about heartbreak while the track “She Say” talks about sex over a moody beat. The song “Never Go” talks about a bitch switching on him over a gentle boom bappy instrumental while the track “Stride” talks about a woman running back to him over a nocturnal beat.

The song “20879” with Ducemd & Infinite E sees the 3 boasting over a vibrant instrumental while the track “90047” with Bad Lucc finds the 2 showing the listeners how to get bread over a euphoric beat with a bit of a West Coast feel to it. The song “Destiny” talks about being made for this rap shit over an instrumental cooler than the ocean breeze while the track “Let U Go” is an acoustic ballad about moving on from this woman.

The song “Up” with Infinite E sees the 2 talking about how they’re on top over a glamorous instrumental while the track “Instagram Famous” is pretty much both of them getting back together again to talk about hoes with large social media followings over a plain beat. The closer “Real Real Love” repetitively talks about wanting an actually romantic bond over an unexpected synth-funk instrumental & then the bonus cut “Higher” gives thanks to the higher power over a synthy boom bap beat.

This is just as dope as the self-titled album & it’s another reminder of how talented Maez can be. The lyrics are a lot more personal this time around in comparison to previous efforts & Ervin Pope’s production continues to bring the best out of him.

Score: 3.5/5

Maez301 – Self-titled review

Maez301 is a 26 year old rapper from Gaithersburg, Maryland that first got his start in 2017 with his debut mixtape Nowhere. The project eventually caught the attention of Ervin Pope & Jerome Taylor, both of whom helped Maez get a record contract with Strange Music last year. And as the label closes out 2019, they’re letting Maez shine with his self-titled debut entirely produced by Ervin.

The intro “Change” finds Maez pouring his heart out over a mellow instrumental while the next song “Advance” starts bragging over a nocturnal trap beat. The track “On One” talks about his newfound success over an instrumental with a chill West Coast feel to it while the song “Ay” with Tech N9ne sees the 2 talking about being on top of the game over a colorful instrumental.

The track “Rider” with Infinite E sees the 2 talking about their main chicks over a dream-like instrumental while the song “Fuck No” with Nef the Pharaoh sees the 2 talking about not loving hoes over a galactic instrumental. The track “Fake Love” with Leila sees the 2 talking about a chick frontin’ over a smooth trap beat while the song “Get ‘Em” goes at his competition over a minimalist instrumental. The track “Emoji” is a sensual R&B tune while the song “Watch Me” angrily raps about his haters over a suiting instrumental.

The track “Fucked Up for You” vents about an ex over a chilled out instrumental while the song “No Rest” finds Maez pouring his heart out over a vibrant instrumental & I absolutely love the Travis Scott homage in the hook. The track “Dream” with Black Jesus talks about chasing their lifelong goals over a relaxing beat with this prominent acoustic guitar while the song “Made It” of course continues to brag about Maez’ success over a rich instrumental. The track “Dogg’n These Hoes” gets back with Infinite E to talk about just that over a trap beat with some Neptunes inspired piano chords & the song “Grab a Bag” while repetitive is a catchy club banger.

The track “Switch” talks about how he came a long way over a moody instrumental while the song “Break Your Heart” talks about making it right with his girl over a funky beat. The penultimate track “Real Bitch” talks about needing a good woman over a futuristic sounding trap beat & then the album ends with “Momma”, where Maez pens an endearing tribute to the woman who gave him life over a spacey beat.

To me, this kid is the future of Strange Music alongside King Iso. The features were hit or miss for me personally with my favorites being Tech & Nef, but Maez has a lot versatility & I really think Ervin’s production really helps hone that in. Really excited to see him grow as an artist & what the label has in store for him next.

Score: 3.5/5