NVY JONEZ LKR – “A.L.T.D. (Angels Loyal to Demons)” review

This is the 3rd EP from Brooklyn emcee Nvy Jonez Lkr. Coming up in the summer of 2019 off an eponymous debut EP, he would go on to expand his profile in the underground within the last few years by follow it up in the form of Black Popeye & even a tetralogy of collab EPs with D-Rell called the Chicken Spot series, coming fresh off the latest installment 6 Piece earlier this past summer. But for A.L.T.D. (Angels Loyal to Demons) over here, Nvy’s enlisting Accosta the Man to produce the entire thing from start to finish.

“Blakk Magikk” is a vibraphone-laced boom bap opener with Nvy talking about wanting all the static whereas “Greed & Love” follows it up with some twinkling keys & dusty kicks letting y’all know who you’re fucking with accompanied by a sung AHVE verse during the 2nd half. “Enemy” with JahVybez & King Moe finds the trio over a trap instrumental asking if you see the villain when looking into their eyes while D-Rell & Rodey Cali’s Remedy tag along for the 3rd installment of the “Street Politics” series returning to the boom bap with some gangsta bars.

The penultimate track “Drugz” brings it back to the trap for the first half prior to the beat switch during the 2nd talking about coming in hot just before “Violence” finishes the EP off by enlisting Negash Ali & Showrocka to assist in him on top of a boom bap instrumental basically summing up the whole theme of the EP by praying & scheming at the same time.

I still stand on 6 Piece being the best Chicken Spot installment yet, so it had me intrigued about where Nvy would take it on a future solo project. Now that we got a 3rd EP from him, I think the fans will dig it ahead of his opening set for Conway the Machine next month. The boom bap/trap production that Accosta delivers is his strongest to date & Nvy lyrically continuing to step up.

Score: 3.5/5

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Nvy Jonez LKR & D-Rell – “6 Piece” review

This is the 4th collaborative EP between New York emcees NVY JONEZ LKR & D-Rell. The later coming straight out of Harlem & the other hauling from Brooklyn. The pair started working together a couple years ago during the pandemic by kicking off a series of EPs called The Chicken Spot & releasing the first 3 installments all that summer. But after 2 years, they’re returning for a 6 Piece.

“4 KILLAZ” is a boom bap-tinged opener with RTPBoat joining NVY & D-Rell to talk about their gangsta mentalities whereas “I.D.F.W. (I Don’t Fuck With)” with Mugga Wall shoots for a grimmer aesthetic confessing they don’t associate with people who associate themselves with people they dislike. “Street Politics 2” is a stellar yet raw sequel to the joint on 2 Piece & a Biscuit getting to the nitty gritty while the song “By Any Means” talking about doing it for their legacies over a cold instrumental. The penultimate track “G.D.2.D. (Good Day 2 Die)” incorporates some dusty drums & pianos quenching for blood & “Survive” is a triumphant closer talking about the real lasting in the end.

Although it’s almost been 2 years since the last time these guys have put out an EP with each other, 6 Piece is definitely my favorite of The Chicken Spot series thus far & I think it’s a good place to start for those who’re new to their catalogues. The chemistry from both MCs is still going strong than it was back in 2020 & the production impressively blends elements of today’s sounds with the culture’s gritty roots.

Score: 3.5/5