Pasto Flocco – “Walking Glitch” review

Pasto Flocco is a 18 year old rapper from Queens, New York notable for being formerly being associated with Lil Tecca. However since their falling out, he’s seen quite the success off his own dropping his first 2 albums March Madness & Dreams 2 Reality along with a debut mixtape Surf to Kill (SGBSTK) as a member of the now defunct Surf Gang collective. This was all followed up back in the spring with his sophomore tape R.O.A.M. (Rich Off A Mic) but considering how much I liked March Madness 2 in the spring, I was still optimistic going into Pasto’s 5th EP over here nonetheless.

“3Hunna” is an rage-inducing opener talking about stacking them Benjamins whereas the “Murder She Wrote” remix takes the sample drill route calling out those who tried to play him like a pussy. “FA$TER THAN YOU!” works in some synths bragging that he’s getting richer faster than everyone, but then “All Blacc” shoots for a more futuristic aesthetic talking about how he prefers his outfit.

Meanwhile on “GLiTCH”, we have Pasto over a plugg/drill fusion describing going from nothing to rich while “GLiTCH 2” turns into intergalactic territory airing out those moving like hoes & bragging that GLE gets it poppin’. The song “Send Him 2 God” addresses his desire to run up $100M over a hypertrap beat while the penultimate track “HunnitBandzUp” keeps the rage going talking about stacking his bread. “Heartstop!” though ends the EP with some synths & bells saying this bitch is so hot, that she’ll give him a heart attack.

Since Walking Glitch’s here in it’s entirety, I’m gonna conclude this review by letting everyone know that it’s much of a consistent listen as March Madness 2 was a few months ago. Pasto’s hunger & knack for catchy songwriting only continues to grow stronger with the production continuing the tradition of evolving with each project that he puts out more.

Score: 3.5/5

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Pasto Flocco – “R.O.A.M. (Rich Off A Mic)” review

This is the 2nd mixtape from Queens rapper Pasto Flocco. Originally a Lil Tecca associate, he’s been seeing quite the success off his own with the Surf Gang collective since their falling out dropping his first 2 albums March Madness & Dreams 2 Reality as well as a debut mixtape Surf to Kill (SGBSTK). This was all followed up over the fall when Pasto put out his 3rd album Disturbing the Peace while opening up for Lucki on the Wake Up Lucki Tour but after dropping a couple singles earlier this month, Pasto is returning in the form of R.O.A.M. (Rich Off A Mic).

“Warning” is a cloudy opener produced by J6 talking about how he’s too drippy whereas “Wizard” follows it up on a more suspenseful note spitting that gun talk. “4dagram” works in some synthesizers talking about having to call a whip after a bitch tried to play him just before “Bands Up (B.V.P.)” takes a more futuristic route to flex his wealth.

Meanwhile on “Life I Chose”, we have Pasto over an psychedelic instrumental talking about keeping a blick on him because the streets is cold leading into the cloudy “T.M.U. (Turn Me Up)” calling out his haters. “Better Clone Me (Lifestyle Chosen)” has a more euphoric sound venting about how he ain’t gotta pop shit ‘cause cats know it, but then “B.S.A. (Money or Fame)” returns to cloud rap turf encouraging to look back & see how much he’s changed since 2018.

“GLE Freestyle” goes into a pluggier direction talking about refusing to let a thot finesse him of his profits while “Mercy (Just Woke Up)” is absolutely perfect for moshpits during future shows in every way. “Out of the Mix” follows it up with an atmospheric ballad declaring himself an underground legend while the song “Buckz Up (ADHD)” comes through with some braggadocio even though CCC’s production ain’t it. The penultimate track “Melly” picks it up with a repetitive bop produced by Zaytoven & lastly, “30Bandz” is a chilled out closer talking about moving like a vampire.

I’ve been a fan of Pasto ever since my little brother Jake introduced me to his music a couple years back & I gotta say: This tape is a little disappointing. I like how’s he doing all this fast-tempo shit & a decent amount of his performances are infectious, but I wish it was a little fully fleshed out.

Score: 3/5

Pasto Flocco – “Disturbing the Peace” review

Pasto Flocco is a 17 year old rapper from Queens, New York notable for being formerly being associated with Lil Tecca. However since their falling out, he’s been seeing quite the success off his own with the Surf Gang collective dropping his first 2 albums March Madness & Dreams 2 Reality during the first leg of last year. This was followed up last winter with his debut mixtape Surf to Kill (SGBSTK) but in light of him opening up for the final show of Lucki’s most recent tour, Pasto is dropping his 3rd full-length outing in the midst of it all.

“Lieutenant” starts out the album with Pasto telling people to refer to himself as such over a mystical trap beat from Evilgiane whereas “L.A.T.O. (Laugh At The Ops)” is a spacey follow-up saying he’s got the world like the coronavirus. “7K on Rodeo” has a more uptempo instrumental talking about ballin’ just before the CashMoneyAP-produced “Process” tells an unnamed person that he better be grateful that Pasto gave him a chance.

Meanwhile on “That’s Cap”, we have Pasto jumping on top of a moody trap instrumental to call a motherfucker out on his bluff leading into the woodwind-infused “NoFeds” remind listeners that he’s up next. “Emo” has a more eerie & cavernous sound saying he’s had swag since middle school, but “R2” is more of a 22Gz cut given that Pasto only handles the hook at the start & end of the cut.

“NBA80s” has a more nocturnal sound teaching listeners that cats start hating on you when they want your position while “Swisher” is a woozier cut saying his gang is looking for some for sauce. Following this, we have a gorgeous sequel to “Illiterate Luv” just before the pillowy “NBA Baby” talks about never being broke again.

“Penthouse” euphorically speaks on a feeling that he’s fallen in love with whereas “Boonk Gang” takes a bit of an electronic turn detailing the lavish lifestyle. The song “First Met Me” lusciously details a bitch he knew while the penultimate track tells us that his “Only Real Duty” is getting them racks. “Sandbox” then ends the album luxuriously declares that he ain’t worried about bullshit.

I think it should go without saying, but I truly believe that Pasto Flocco is much better than Tecca artistically & probably my favorite member of the Surf Gang crew. He’s a better songwriter, a more distinct vocalist & his production choices are a lot more detailed. Best believe he’ll continue to go places from hereon out

Score: 3.5/5