SoFaygo – “Pink Heartz” review

This is the long-awaited full-length debut from Atlanta up-&-comer SoFaygo. Cementing himself as one of the biggest faces in the plugg/pluggnB & rage scenes, he’s given us a dozen EPs within the last 7 years & has since signed to Travis Scott’s very own Cactus Jack Records a year & a half ago. Last we heard from him was when he dropped B4Pink & BabyJack over the summer following his placement in this year’s XXL Freshman Class, but is finally dropping Pink Heartz ahead of UTOPIA next month apparently.

“Transparency” kicks off the album with an airy yet drumless opener asking if you can feel his emotions whereas “Out” embraces a more delicate trap sound talking about working too hard. Ken Carson tags along for the rage-inducing “Hell Yeah” to keep it player, but then “Blitz V2” comes through with a cloudy sequel to “Blitz” off his 3rd EP War boasting that he doesn’t miss at all & that it gets scary that he wants to feel a blitz. himself.

Meanwhile on “Stay Awake”, we have [Lil Uzi Vert] coming into the picture on top of a synth-laced beat asking their lovers not to fall asleep on either one of them leading into the wavy “Me Too” talking about his desire to get fucked up under the influence. “Goin’ Back” returns to a cloudier vibe to drop some braggadocio just before “Another One” weaves some more synthesizers into the fold talking about how ain’t shit stopping but the cash flow.

“Slip” with Don Toliver finds the 2 calling out those who be cappin’ to their faces over a psychedelic trap instrumental while “I’ll Say” brings back the synths once more talking about having too much weed in his system. “Price” takes a more pillowy route going into detail of the cons that come with fame. “Fasho” goes into slower territory talking about already being on game while “Takeoff” with Gunna jumps on top of a rubbery trap beat from Pharrell cautioning their competition to stay in their lanes.

The song “Greed” works in some horns to acknowledge those who’re envious of them simply by looking in their eyes while the penultimate track “Marvelous” has a slower yet melodic tone to it talking about doing something excellent & being on his A-shit. “Forever” though serves as an explosive closer to the album where SoFaygo expresses his desire to live this life for eternity.

I’ve been following this dude a little bit before the Cactus Jack deal & now that Pink Heartz is finally here, I can say that it’s a full-length debut that most definitely proves to a wider audience what he’s capable of doing. It’s focused, the hunger is there & the trap production has some more plugg/rage undertones to it that I really enjoy Excited to hear where he goes from here under LaFlame’s wing.

Score: 3.5/5

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