ssgkobe – “RELAPSED” review

This is the 15th EP from Louisiana rapper ssgkobe. Emerging out of the SoundCloud scene just a few years back, it wasn’t until earlier last spring when he was featured on a bonus track off of BROCKHAMPTON’s final album to date ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE where I was introduced to him. His major label debut albeit 12th EP overall KO. that came out a couple months later wasn’t the best place to start diving into his discography at all, but I was genuinely intrigued by Night Before once I started listening to his earlier work. That being said: I went into RELAPSED hoping that ssgkobe would redeem himself.

“Hershey” is a rage-induced opener wanting to know what his purpose is whereas “Getcha” takes a symphonic trap route to start boasting. “Oh No!” goes into atmospheric territory reaching the epiphany that his bitch was a thot while the song “9” talking about walking around strapped over a misty trap instrumental. The penultimate track “Every Second” has a cavernous aesthetic to it brushing off those who’re bitter at his success & “Okay, What R U Saying?” ends the EP with kobe over a woozy instrumental calling out someone for capping.

Compared to KO., there’s no denying that Relapsed is like night & day in terms of quality. The production has improved sounding a bit more varied in comparison to the predecessor trying to reach an audience that doesn’t exist & I respect that ssgkobe’s wearing his heart on his sleeve a lot more this time around, but I’d love for U4EYA to be a melting pot of the new sounds he’s dabbling with now & his rage/plugg roots.

Score: 3.5/5