Rome Streetz – “Pyrex Pot Poetry” review

Rome Streetz is a 35 year old MC from New York who broke out in 2016 off his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit. This was followed up by a plethora of projects, most notably the Noise Kandy tetralogy & Headcrack. Last year however was probably his biggest one yet, as he dropped some of the best work of his career from the DJ Muggs-produced Death & the Magician or the Futurewave-produced Razor’s Edge to the Ransom-assisted collab effort Coup de Grâce & the Griselda Records deal that followed. Fast forward a little over 7 months later, Royalz is being brought into the picture to produce Rome’s 7th album from front to back.

After the “Pure Crystal” intro, the first song “Peep the Status” truly kicks the album off on a bluesy note with Rome talking about being cut from a different cloth whereas the Eto-assisted “Wise Guys” mixes some dusty drums & a guitar with both MCs getting in their mafioso bag. The title track with al.divino works in these creepy piano melodies describing the hustler life just before “Versace Drip” laces some horns saying he’s all about the checks.

Meanwhile on “High Noon”, we have Rim accompanying Rome on top of an orchestral beat asking what the move is leading into “Lexus Coupe” fusing pianos & a guitar together talking about forever being on a mission for the loot. “Xo” then incorporates a vocal sample expressing his eternal love for the paper, but then Ty Farris comes into the picture for the rock-tinged “Rebel Forces” talking about how losing ain’t an option for them.

The song “Empire State Haze” returns to a more symphonic sound saying he’s trying to touch $1M while the penultimate track “Walter White” eerily proclaims that everything he spits is biohazardous whilst paying homage to the main character of one of the greatest TV shows ever made. “Unfamiliar Projects” closes out the album with a crooning loop & Rome telling the story of a man who later shoots someone in the elevator after fucking a bitch the night prior.

Given that he’s got another album with Muggs on the way along with his Griselda debut & one fully produced by Big Ghost Ltd. on the way, Pyrex Pot Poetry is a great effort to hold us over until then. Royalz continues to reveal himself as one of the best producers out of Australia currently & Rome’s intricate lyricism never fails to amuse me.

Score: 4/5

Ransom & Rome Streetz – “Coup de Grâce” review

This is the brand new collaborative effort from Ransom & Rome Streetz. One is a TCF Music Group affiliate out of Jersey City & the other being a New Yorker who rightfully earned his spot as one of the latest signees to the hottest label in the world right now: Griselda Records. Both wordsmiths have come together in the past before like “Blackwater” & “Sage or Gunsmoke” off both their latest albums Heavy’s the Head & Razor’s Edge respectively, but have come together to take things to new heights in the form of Coup de Grâce.

“No Remorse” is a symphonic opener about them giving a fuck less whereas the boom bap-tinged “All I Know” speaks on moving a different kind of dope these days. “Rooftop Sermons” brings back the strings with the help of V Don declaring themselves as hood preachers just before “Claudine” with Che Noir vividly details the story of a drug fiend of the same name & eventually tying into the “Fairwells” interlude.

Meanwhile on the Lord Sear-produced “Pray for the Weak”, we have The Game joining Ransom & Rome to provide some rich food for the soul leading into them talking about making it out the mud for “Jet Fuel” with a keyboard instrumental from Animoss. The soul sample “Silent Murders” is entrancing with the duo rightfully boasting about how nice they are while the dusty “Dark Love” gets in their battle bag.

The penultimate track “Bandoleros” with Lou form Paradise & Tyrant weaves in a chilling sample from Nicholas Craven as the quartet compare themselves to that of bandits while l “Death Becomes Life” ends it all with some organ harmonies getting on that motivational tip.

Both of these dudes have been putting out their best work all year & you can absolutely add Coup de Grâce onto the list. They have a unique chemistry together, the production is gritty as expected & most importantly: it’s an absolute bar-fest from start to finish.

Score: 4.5/5

Rome Streetz – “Razor’s Edge” review

This is the 6th full-length album from New York emcee Rome Streetz. Breaking out in 2016 off his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit, he would make his presence known as one of the most skilled lyricists in the underground today off projects like Headcrack & the Noise Kandy mixtape series. His last album Death & the Magician that came out back in February is not only Rome’s magnum opus, but one of the best albums that I’ve heard all year with DJ Muggs’ production being a damn-near perfect fit for dude’s acrobatic lyricism. But after a 5 month break, Rome is re-enlisting Futurewave for a Headcrack sequel entitled Razor’s Edge.

The opener “Mud to Moet” operatically looks back on when his pockets were frail whereas “Most High” goes into boom bap turf talking about being made in the image of God. His wife Chyna tags along for the hypnotic title track touching down on maturity leading him talking about going through some things on the luxurious “Same Way”.

Meanwhile with “Envy”, we have Rome & Daniel Son coming together for a morbid shot back at those who’re jealous of them just before he & Starker jump on top of an organ for “No Sample” to say they ain’t changing shit. “Dry Ice” opens up about having to learn the wrong turn burns on top of a tense instrumental prior to the bloodthirsty “Sage or Gunsmoke” with Ransom, which has some jazzy undertones in the beat.

“Bible or the Rifle” works in some heavy horns to say it’s game over for those who make the wrong moves while “Disconnected” jumps on top of a soulful instrumental to acknowledge how doubters wanna work with him now that his profile is increasing. The song “9 4 Judas” grimily proclaims the only thing you need to know is how to earn dough while the penultimate track “High Grand Strandz” with Plex Diamond devilishly calls out those who try to take shit from New York emcees. Then there’s “Rated R”, which works in a gospel sample to compare his life to the MPA rating of the same name.

If anyone puts Razor’s Edge over Death & the Magician, I wouldn’t be mad at it at all because this is just as spectacular. Wasn’t feeling a couple of the features, but everything about Headcrack from the pen-game to Futurewave’s production is being turned up to 11.

Score: 4.5/5

Rome Streetz – “Death & the Magician” review

Rome Streetz is a 34 year old MC from New York who broke out in 2016 off his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit. This was followed up by a plethora of projects, most notably the Noise Kandy tetralogy & Headcrack. He just dropped a dope project with Farma Beats on his birthday a few months back called Kontraband but as we close out the 2nd month of 2021, Rome is dropping his 5th full-length album produced entirely by DJ Muggs.

After the “6 of Cups” intro, the first song “Prayers Over Packages” talks about never slacking off over an otherworldly beat whereas the next track “Ace of Swords” talks about getting pieces to the puzzle over a gully instrumental. “The Manuscript” talks about his mind being focused on the money over a glum beat while the song “High Explosive” compares himself to a bomb over some horns.

The track “Zig Zag Zig” with Knowledge the Pirate finds the 2 talking about putting bitches in their place over a violin-tinged beat while the song “Stone Cold Soul” talks about clapping shit over a macabre instrumental. “The Devil’s Chord” talks about how the nights where he had nothing we’re eating him up inside over some ghoulish keyboard melodies & the sound of winds gusting by while the track “Shooting at the Dance Hall” gets on some disrespectful shit lyrically on top of a native-flavored beat for lack of a better term.

The song “Wheel of Fortune” talks about moving in silence over a Bollywood style instrumental while the track “Horn & Halo” with Rigz sees the duo talking about being conflicted since birth over a guitar & some eerie background vocals. The closer “Fly Obnoxious” talks about going all out for his rep over an malevolent boom bap beat & then the bonus cut “Fuck You Know About Me?” talks about preferring fetti over fame over some jazzy horns.

I’ve always said that Headcrack is Rome’s magnum opus, but Death & the Magician is even better. The way he continues to put words together (especially multi-syllable rhyme patterns) is like no other & it’s really cool to hear Muggs providing a wide range of sounds for him.

Score: 4.5/5

Rome Streetz – “Kontraband” review

This is the brand new mixtape from New York emcee Rome Streetz. Breaking out in 2016 with his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit. he would make his presence in the underground known with projects like Street Farmacy as well as the Noise Kandy trilogy & my personal favorite: Headcrack. He just dropped an EP earlier this year entitled The Residue & then the 4th installment of his Noise Kandy series back in June but to celebrate his 34th birthday, Rome has reunited with Farma Beats for a sequel to Street Farmacy.

The opener “Track Marks” talks about whipping up drugs over an unsettling instrumental whereas the next song “Lick da Toad” talks about being platinum plus over a tense beat. The track “Bucketz” with Daniel Son sees the 2 getting on some exploitation shit over some horns while the song “Mirrors & Smoke” talks about reaching the top over a jazzy beat.

The track “Laced” gets in his storytelling bag over a soulful instrumental while the song “Ghetto Star” declares himself as such over a dismal beat. The track “London Pound Cake” with Radamiz finds the 2 comparing their music to coke over some mischievous synths while the song “Ballad of the Lone Wolf” talks about looking for an outcome from different shit over an earnest beat.

The track “Sinsation” talks about the cash over an uptempo instrumental while the song “Eyes on Fire” with Ransom finds the 2 talking about watching those next to you over some vocal harmonies hanging in the background. The penultimate track “Lucky Stopped Dreaming” comes at his competition over a demented instrumental & then the album ends with “Word 2 Mommy”, where Rome talks about being out to get the world as it turns over a classy beat.

What a way for dude to round out the year. The chemistry between Rome Streetz & Farma Beats is just as dope as it was on Street Farmacy, especially since how much both of these guys have evolved throughout the years. Can’t wait to hear where Rome takes things in 2021.

Score: 3.5/5

Rome Streetz – “Noise Kandy 4: The Relapse” review

Rome Streetz is a 33 year old MC from New York who broke out in 2016 with his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit. This was followed up with Streetz Keep Calling Me, Street Farmacy, the Noise Kandy trilogy, Headcrack & Joyeria. He just dropped an EP earlier this year entitled The Residue but as we approach the halfway point of 2020, Rome is continuing the grind with the 4th installment of his Noise Kandy series.

The project kicks off with “Relapse”, where Rome talks about being the new Benny Blanco over a cavernous organ instrumental. The next song “Prophet & a Pusher” talks about being on a level no one can fuck with over a demented boom bap beat while the track “Higher Self” with Estee Nack sees the 2 talking about elevation over a killer flute instrumental. The song “My Destiny” talks about hip hop being in his blood over a peaceful Futurewave instrumental while the track “Mommy’s Seed” shows off how he kills shit over a jazzy instrumental.

The song “Favorite” with Bub Rock sees the 2 getting romantic over a sensual instrumental while the track “My Reality” talks about how he lives over a cavernous beat. The song “Sell Itself” talks about pushing drugs over an nightly boom bap beat while the track “Toxic” tells the story of Rome breaking this woman’s heart over a suspenseful instrumental from DJ Skizz.

The song “Normal Shit” talks about having the world in his palm over a chimpmunked-soul sample while the penultimate track “NY Fitted” talks about how authentic his crew is over a symphonic beat. Then there’s the closer “The Ugliest”, where Rome gets mafioso & the beat on here sounds inspired by blaxploitation films.

The Noise Kandy trilogy contains some of Rome’s best material & this is a fine addition to the series. It’s a lot more well-produced than The Residue was & Rome continues to prove that he’s one of the illest spitters out of New York right now.

Score: 4/5