DaeMoney – “Slae Season 3” review

This is the full-length debut from Detroit up-&-comer DaeMoney. Coming up as the nephew of one of the 2 biggest artists in the city right now Babyface Ray as well as a member of the World Tour Mafia collective, he broke out on his own by dropping his debut mixtape Young Sexual Misconduct & his debut EP Slae Season accompanied by his 2nd EP Rockstar Lifestyle & then his previous tape Slae Season 2. But after signing to EMPIRE Distribution this past summer & celebrating in the form of his last EP Slayer’s Coming fully produced by Trees shortly after, Dae’s back in action for the final installment of the Slae Season trilogy.

“Overtime & Overgrind” is a cavernous, west coast flavored trap opener talking about how hip hop has saved him & that he’s the freshest motherfucker that you know whereas “Make ‘Em Say Ugh!” takes a more futuristic route courtesy of Trees giving his flowers to the Colonel of the Motherfuckin’ Tank himself Master P. “No Suits” blends some strings & pianos with hi-hats touching on switching from a house to a tour bus in a couple years & a groupie asking him what happened to Scoob & if she can get a World Tour tattoo on her breasts, but then “Charles Barkley” turns into cloudier territory talking about showing people time & time again that he’s the one.

WTM Milt comes into the picture for the highlight track “Letter to Self” with it’s luxurious trap production & them dropping some truly motivational gems on the lyrical end that I think would resonate with the average listener leading into the psychedelic “Keep Hustlin’” obviously talking about the never-ending grind. Babyface Ray joins his nephew for “Basket” to get on their Detroit trap gangsta shit thanks to Lul Rose just before “Again?” confesses that he’s relapsed on lean with some hi-hats, claps, occasional bells & a woozy loop.

“So Toxic” is a symphonic trap cut produced by Carlo Anthony clapping back at a groupie hoe prior to LUCKI & Veeze joining Dae for the cloudy “Who is That?” with Face on the hook as the trio talk about murdering everything & the titular question being exactly the ones they want everyone asking. The song “Slaeski Montana” is another highlight for me from the slick trap beat to the lyrics comparing himself to Tony Montana from the iconic film Scarface while the penultimate track “I Love It Here” has a more ethereal approach describing his current position in life. “Pop Star” closes the album out with a rock-trap crossover that Carlo hooked up declaring himself to be a rockstar.

Although I had previously stated last summer that Slayer’s Coming had to be my favorite body of work of Dae’s thus far, he really took it to a whole new level on the concluding chapter of the Slae Season trilogy. The production is more versatile, he assembles his biggest feature-list to date with all of them gelling well & the songwriting is a heartfelt reflection of his past along with his spot today as one of the biggest artists in the city.

Score: 4/5

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