DaeMoney – “Slayer’s Coming” review

DaeMoney is a 22 year old rapper from Detroit, Michigan who also happens to be the nephew of one of the 2 biggest artists in the city right now Babyface Ray as well as member of the World Tour Mafia collective. He dropped his debut mixtape Young Sexual Misconduct & his debut EP Slae Season, which was followed up last summer by his 2nd EP Rockstar Lifestyle & then his Slae Season 2 in the fall. Now in light of DaeMoney signing to EMPIRE Distribution recently, it’s only right for him to celebrate by delivering a 3rd EP.

“Level Up” is a futuristic opener with Dae talking about his success whereas “Wayne Perry” takes a wavier approach bragging that no one can touch him. “Andrew Wiggins” continues to work in some more synths & hi-hats talking about being tired of detailing his lifestyle leading into “Losses & Lessons” taking a more introspective approach from the subject matter to the glossy production. The song “Lemon Cherry” shoots for a mellow aesthetic talking his shit with the penultimate track “Do More” fusing trap & rock to tackle the concept of more problems coming as you get richer, but then “Congratulations” ends the EP with a meditative ode to the self made.

For those of you who’re familiar with Babyface Ray & are looking to get into DaeMoney, then give Slayer’s Coming a listen because it has to be my favorite effort from Dae thus far. Much like Ray, his sound is completely different in comparison to some Detroit trap rappers sounding the same & speaks from the heart about his life profoundly.

Score: 3.5/5