Young Nudy – “EA Monster” review

This is the 9th mixtape from Atlanta rapper Young Nudy. Despite being cousins with 21 Savage, he eventually carved a lane of his own in the last 8 years with his last 8 mixtapes (the most notable one being the Pi’erre Bourne-produced Sli’merre) & 2 full-lengths. Rich Shooter just celebrated it’s 1-year anniversary a few days ago & Nudy’s re-emerging in the form of EA Monster.

“Nun to Do” is a bassy opener describing being spaced the fuck out whereas “KitKat” works in some quirky synths thanks to Pi’erre talking about having deadly assassins. “Impala” takes a ghoulish route for him & his homie to creep in his whip, but then “Fresh as Fuck” brings back the synths warning that you don’t want no smoke with him.

Meanwhile on “Lunch Meat”, we have Nudy over a cloudy instrumental talking about being a stepper leading into the solemn yet rubbery 4L anthem “My Gang”. The delicate synths throughout “No Chaser” are a nice touch talking about itching for a body just before “Ready” shoots for a moodier aesthetic to deliver an ode for all of those who like to get high.

The song “Sick of Slime” lividly calls out every single dick rider he knows while the penultimate track “Duntsane” wasn’t the best choice for a single in my personal opinion despite the gangsta rap themes & the beat that Coupe brings to the table. Primarily because I personally felt that Baby Drill’s performances compared to Nudy’s was underwhelming. “Project X” however sends the tape with a rowdy fight anthem not for the bitch made.

Nudy had always been consistent throughout the course of his career & EA Monster further cements his status as such in my eyes. He delivers some animated performances/sticky songwriting throughout, I like how he toned it down with the features compared to Rich Shooter & the production is a healthy mix of Coupe & Pi’erre’s respectively unique sounds much like his last tape was.

Score: 3.5/5

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Young Nudy – “DR. EV4L” review

Young Nudy is a 28 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia notable for being cousins with 21 Savage. Ever since coming up together in 2016, the cat released a total of 6 mixtapes (the most notable one being the Pi’erre Bourne-produced Sli’merre) before putting out his full-length debut Anyways just a little over a year ago. But as summer approaches next month, Nudy is following it up by dropping his highly anticipated sophomore album.

“Revenge” kicks things off with an ominous, bass-heavy instrumental from Coupe (who produced all but 5 joints on the album) & Young Nudy exposing someone for trickin’ people out their cash, but then “Mini Me” is essentially about sending youngins to pull a shootout & I like how they sample “Black Butterfly” by Deniece Williams. Meanwhile on “Yellow Tape”, we have Lil Uzi Vert coming into fold as he & Nudy jump on a cloudy beat from 20 Rocket saying they have murder on their minds before trying to find “the reason why the fuck your folks ain’t breathin’” on the synth-laced “Roughneck”.

The song “Perc 30” has a more hypnotic tone instrumentally as Young Nudy proclaims himself as a rich shooter whereas “The Rustlers” goes into a more braggadocious direction lyrically with the production from Mojo & Bavier having a spectral feel to it. “Child’s Play” with 21 Savage is a cool lil homage to the horror movie franchise of the same name despite the comatose beat, but then he admits that he “doesn’t like to beef with pussies” if he “ain’t got no reason” on the minimally-produced “Soul Keeper”. I thought “2Face” was a good choice for a single leading up to the album because or perfectly lives up to it’s name with the instrumental switch-up during the 2nd half along with Nudy & G Herbo’s lyrics about being famous yet reckless.

The nocturnal beat on “Scott Evil” is pretty dope as are the lyrics about how he “don’t need nobody squeeze for me” before asking for smoke on the glum-sounding title track. The penultimate track “Colombian Necktie” is pretty much a ruthless 4-minute freestyle about slitting throats & finally, the closer “Walking Dead” is basically Young Nudy going on about how he’s seen it all & I almost wanna say the instrumental almost goes into a more dungeon synth sound which is pretty cool.

It’s pretty safe to say that DR. EV4L is easily Nudy’s darkest body of work yet. Throughout the 45 minute runtime, the songwriting borderlines horrorcore at some points & Coupe could possibly become trap’s next big producer because his contributions to the production-end of the album ties into it’s theme more.

Score: 3.5/5